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Working B&M Vouchers and Promo Codes for December 2019

Over the years, B&M has grown to over 500 stores ever since it started its operations way back in 1978. It has been an advocate of offering top quality labels at amazing prices. With more than 3 million customers each week, they're one of the UK's favourite retailers. You can get a B&M discount code or B&M voucher code to save even more. Everyday essentials and household items at reasonable costs are made available whenever you need it.

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How to redeem B&M vouchers?


  • Select the voucher of your choice here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to BMstores.co.uk to check the availability in-store of the corresponding offer of the voucher of your choice.
  • Please note that you can only purchase B&M offerings in-store.

Other information

  • B&M is brilliant for discounts and more. They have a huge variety of items and great prices to start off. I tend to get things there that would cost twice as much in supermarkets. But their discounts for stock clearance makes me unable to say no sometimes. It's always a good idea to scan items with their app, as it tells you the price it will scan at. It's also a good idea to look online for B&M discount codes for more savings, Their returns are quick and easy, especially if you just want a replacement. I had bought a kids toy, which broke the same day. The next day I went for a replacement and they didn't even need the recipient - just go pick up another. The staff always seem friendly and willing to help. Angemala
  • Love B&M! They have great products at really good prices. When they have a sale they really do cut the prices! Love things like loo roll and toiletries as much cheaper than the supermarkets and you can still get branded stuff. Have also bought an item of furniture and it was a great price for the product. Try and go monthly and make a list of the items I need and buy several as always a great price. Check out online voucher codes here if you want to get great deals! sarahtwinmom
  • B&M is a fantastic retailer. They have everything you could want from toothbrushes to tents to tables! They offer branded food products at really good prices, especially curry sauces & condiments. They have fantastic reductions and almost every week they have £1 or 10p items. While stock isn't consistent store to store you always find something to buy! Plus you can get even more bargain deals from online voucher codes! They have a welol stocked pet food aisle & their wild bird seed selection is great. The staff are not the most friendly they seem harassed most of the time i'm in there & my local stores aren't really very clean/tidy but I always go in when i'm passing. They have a bar code scanner on their app which people seem to really love, my phones too old to use it unfortunately! SandyRhodes
  • I love B&M but don't often go in as its a bit of a trek into town. You always know you can find some really random bits, and some great offers on food, especially branded items. Their prices are great and often the quality is just as good as anywhere else. It was great around Christmas to get some extra stocking fillers and little gifts for people without breaking the bank! Make sure to look for B&M discount codes here for fantastic deals! The only downside is it can be a little difficult to find things in the stores I've been in. em221
  • B&M are great! Every time I go into town, I always shop in there. Also there's one not far from where I live, really easy to get to. (Great if I'm not going to town that particular day). If I'm getting something new, I'll shop around and check their website. Great bargains for washing liquids (better than the supermarkets). I've spent quite a fair bit over the years! They sell absolutely everything in there. And you can even get free delivery from online voucher codes you can find here! Only slight negative is they started to store an item (cat biscuits on the top shelf, used to be able to reach it), not so great for the short people! Just as well for the customers helping me. ScotsChick
  • I like the bargains you can get at B&M, sometimes items are marked at one price and then you get to the till and they have been heavily reduced but they haven't changed the label. The shop I visit when I see my family is massive, and unfortunately it can be a bit of a mess and you have to carefully pick your way through! It's just completely random stuff but you can get something you never knew you wanted. Overall it's a good shop to go to for a browse. And it's always great to get money saving deals from online discount codes. Freebiesarefun
  • I must admit I have had many amazing bargains from B&M. I have a huge store close by but you do need to make sure you have plenty time to look around as it can be a bit of a jumble at times. I have had some great deals on bedding and pillows and quilts but its very hit and miss. I have also had a few surprises when I have gone to the checkout and several items have scanned through a lot cheaper than they were priced at and this has happened on several occasions so always a very pleasant surprise. Good for sweets and snacks for the kids too, if I have the time to have a proper look I never come out empty handed 🙂 Lookout for B&M discount codes here if you want to get good bargain deals. SRFMLY
  • I love B&M, especially at Christmas time. Their Christmas food hamper baskets are brilliant for the £10 price - cheaper than making them up yourself and with some lovely items. It's great for stocking fillers and items for the Christmas Eve hampers. My local store has plenty of space to park and is usually clean and tidy. Staff are helpful but they are often rushed off their feet as it's a very popular store. I like that you can buy pretty much anything in there, however for that reason I always end up spending way more than I intended to! Their prices aren't always the cheapest though so it's important to not get swept up in the buying experience. And it's a good idea to browse online for B&M voucher codes to get discounts. I bought a vacuum cleaner from there and on getting to the car, realised that they had overcharged me. We went straight back in but they refused to refund us the difference and instead gave us a credit note, which I thought was a bit off as it was their mistake. That could be a huge issue for people on a budget. kellyknight
  • B&M is a great store with amazing prices on everything from tinned food, condiments, tea, coffee, sweets, chocolate, sweets, gardening items, tools etc, lighting, soft & alcoholic drink, snacks, bedding, toys, kitchen equipment, crockery, bedding, curtains, tool, DIY equipment, paint, wallpaper etc plus so much more. Larger stores also sell chilled food stuff such as milk butter, sandwiches etc. I could spend hours browsing the store. There are lots of reports via FB groups of super bargains to be had where the price marked on the item is different from the one that shows on the till when scanned it is often only £1. Sadly. I haven't been able to find any of these bargains as of yet but I live in hope. I do however found money saving discount codes here for B&M. A lot of people use the B&M App to scan items in the store to find these cheap deals. On Wednesdays they always put reduced item out in the store usually somewhere near the checkout desks jacquis
  • I'm a B&M super fan! they have fantastic prices on absolutely everything from daily living items, food, toys, pet products, decorating and homeware and so much more. They have such a large variety of products that change up weekly . I always pop in to have a look and end up buying a lot of great stuff. It's one of my favourite stores along with home bargains. I just love them! I have used coupons and vouchers in there before. You can get good bargain deals from discount codes found here. I once had issue with a toy i brought so i made a complaint and the issue was dealt with promptly and i sent store vouchers to use. i couldn't recommend them highly enough. they are fantastic for all your needs. zararoberts86