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Currys PC World vouchers

Currys PC World Discount Codes

Working Currys PC World Vouchers and Promo Codes for November 2019

If you are shopping for electrical tools or gadgets, you would want to go only with a brand you trust - Currys. With hundreds of electrical stores scattered across the UK, they have earned the trust of every household whether you're looking for computer add-ons or anything new in the world of technology. With the use of a Currys discount code or Currys voucher code, you can make your shopping experience a more rewarding one. No doubt, with Currys you have peace of mind with just about every item you purchase from them.

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2 for £30 on Lego Games
To match your budget and busy schedule choose from a great range of delivery prices and times. Subject to your location and what you’re ordering, we can deliver same day, next... Read more
20th Nov
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50% off Selected Premium Cables
50% off Selected Premium Cables with Selected Television Orders at Currys PC WorldLong press the code to copyCABLEWBWwww.currys.co.uk this voucher ends soon this year... Read more
50% off
19th Nov

How to redeem Currys PC World vouchers?


  • Select the voucher of your choice at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to Currys.co.uk.
  • Select the corresponding item for your voucher and click "Add to Basket". You can also shop for other items that you want.
  • When you're done shopping, click "Basket" found at the top right corner of the page.
  • Review your item(s) and click "Checkout Securely".
  • Enter your email address and click "Continue". If you wish, you can register or sign-in to your account later.
  • Enter your delivery detail ans click "Save & Continue".
  • Just below your "Order Summary", you will see "Do you have a voucher code?" and below it the box labelled as "Enter voucher code here". Simply type in or paste your voucher code and click "Apply". Your orded total will then be adjusted accordingly.
  • Finalize your billing details.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • Curry’s PC World isn’t somewhere I shop often. My most recent purchase was a laptop which was at a really reasonable price. However I find that the second you walk into a store you’re pounced on by staff looking to make a sale which makes it impossible to browse and makes me feel really awkward. Then when you reach the checkout they try to sell you absolutely everything to go with it. I’m not a fan of that. emsterific
  • I bought a laptop from Currys a few years ago and it broke a year later. I took it back and they replaced the hard drive for free and with no questions asked I just showed the original receipt. I use the shop as well to collect DPD orders as it is open late. The staff are always friendly and quick to find the parcel. They have a great selection of home electronics and white goods. You can usually find a good voucher code too. Freebiesarefun
  • I love Currys PC World because they have some amazing bargains and discounts. I've been lucky enough to buy some items with free home delivery too. Better to buy larger items online through a cash back site with a discount code and gain some extra cash. They have a good range of basic items like a kettle for around £5.00. I find that when I do visit a store, their staff are always helpful and friendly. I've never had any problems with them, and I will shop with them again. CherylParry
  • I have purchased 2 laptops from Currys in the last few years and have been pleasantly surprised that when I told them the requirements that I had (schoolwork etc) they actually told me the brand I was looking at was not the best priced one for me & showed me a much cheaper option that would still more than my needs. I purchased the insurance as I knew it would be in & out of the house and we used it a few times & never had any issues, it was a fast & easy resolution each time I contacted them. I have since purchased a washing machine & was happy that they didn't try to change my mind they just gave me a couple of options in my price bracket & left the decision up to me. Currys have good offers and voucher codes throughout the year so I find it is worth looking online every now & again just to see what is there. SandyRhodes
  • I find Curry's to be a little patchy in terms of pricing. You really do have to shop around and be savvy. For example, my partner bought a new TV last year and found different offers to those in the store. You really have to keep them peeled. That said, the Customer Service is very good whether you are shopping in store or online. Plus, the after-care is great too. Sometimes, you have to weigh up whether to go for the cheapest deal or paying a little more for 'peace of mind' in your product purchasing. Just an observation from me. Ceebers
  • LOVE Currys. I bought my computer from their store and it's been fantastic. They offer so many special prices and almost always have a sale or deal on. They have a warranty program too but you don't have to pay extra unless you want to extend it. With a lot of products being on the market, you do have to compare prices before you buy as some can be a bit hit and miss. Always look for a Currys discount code too. I've always loved Currys though and hope it is around for years to come. Becky3012
  • It's one of the only places to find large selections of tech/home & kitchenware actually in the flesh, which is excellent for high ticket prices. But the staff are always there when you don't need them, and never when you do! And often they seem to be trying to sell you a specific item, regardless if it actually suits your needs. (Also quite often their knowledgeable doesn't actually stretch any further than the info in the ticket - which would be fine if they didn't often try to pretend otherwise) Sometimes Currys discounts are good enough to buy items there, but more often then not I will use it as a place to browse before I buy online!! em221
  • I love Currys. It’s one of the few places you can still go and physically see what your buying and that’s one of the issues with the high street these days. There is John Lewis but there isn’t many of those around. The prices are usually pretty decent as long as you don’t take any extras you don’t need but often you’ll find if you do take the extras you’ll get them nearly free as they need them for targets. If you manage to shop there at the right time the offers and Currys vouchers are great rainydayas
  • Mixed feelings about Curry’s as I don’t think the sales staff are that knowledgable on certain items and could do with more training. Again need to know your prices as not the cheapest around. sarahtwinmom
  • I have always found PC World to be incredibly expensive so I tend to avoid it if I can. Curry's in general is somewhere I would only shop at if it had the very best deal on a product. When making a very large purchase we were given a painful, embarrassing, hardline, right in our faces, sales pitch. When we decided on a model he told us it was out of stock but we could have the display model (cosmetically scuffed, no box) and so I asked what the discount would be. I was shocked and somewhat amused when he quite comfortably told me he wasn't offering any discount like his store was the only option. I also find it awkward to keep having to repeat that I don't want to purchase an extended warranty. The environment is all too 'sale-sy' for my liking so I prefer to shop, or at least browse online, where I am more likely to find a better price and a Currys voucher code anyway. kellyknight
  • Love Currys PC World.. Friendly and chatty staff, always there if need any assistance. Affordable prices and discounts! Their website is one of my favourites too, with a stock checker. I have purchased many things and service has always been excellent. I just wish the store was closer, as it's the otherside of my city. ScotsChick
  • Never really bought anything from them before recently as I generally find amazon cheaper for my electronics. However I purchased 2 FitBits one for myself and one for a friend and found the price, service and speed of delivery very desirable. I think based on this I will consider Currys again if I need a new electrical product. I also like the cashback offered through Quidco and if you shop around you can get good discount codes also which makes it very competitive. LaurenScarlett
  • Not a massive fan of Currys PC World. They now have the monopoly as not many places sell same stuff and charge what they like. I find them expensive and it really bugs me how they always do linked selling! I get that's it's good for them but so frustrating when you want just one thing. Also the constant buy product support! Also find sometimes stuff really helpful and other times they don't have a clue! I have a gift card from buying a mobile and have no idea what to spend it on! Don't really want anything from there! Sure will find something. One good thing is you can reserve on online and collect and also find a good Currys voucher. k54321b
  • Not a massive fan of Currys anymore. Bought son a laptop last Christmas and it is now on its 4th hard drive. Every time it fails I have to have at least an hour long conversation trying to get it repaired and customer service was so bad last time i called i had to request a manager who then listened to the call and then apologized to me. Still wont replace it and each repair is only covered for 3 months so after that I will have to pay and nothing they will do about that so not very happy, opted for a more expensive laptop this time too as I wanted it to last for him but doesn't seem thats going to happen. SRFMLY
  • Currys PC World isn't really somewhere I use all that often mainly due to the fact I think it's pricey, but I went in as I could not find a part I needed anywhere online or locally, went in and spoke to a guy who said he'd look in the back, turns out there wasn't but he made some calls and managed to get what I needed sent to the store the next day, couldn't believe it, was over the moon how this guy went out of his way to help. AnthonyFulton
  • I don’t like Currys personally as I bought an iPad a while back and was promised lowest price. I saw a competitor had a lower price on the same day but the manager of the shop refused to refund the difference first saying it has to be the same colour (which it was) then saying there was no stock then saying the stock has to be within. After multiple drives later we got our money back. Another time they refused to repair my beats headphones where the leather on the headphones was coming apart. Again, after a lot of complaining and persisting we got a new pair. I don’t know if staff are just ignorant or are told to do this but I avoid them at all costs. This is in contrast to Argos who replace things as soon as I return them, no questions asked. KelanOK
  • Had a good experience with Currys in the past. Purchased my Amazon fire stock from there. Ordered online and collected in store. Got a great price deal. Collection was free and easy though there was a long line and had to wait since there was only one person handling order collections despite the store being relatively empty. The prices on electronics and generally good and they offer great discounts with voucher codes during the holiday period on televisions washing machines etc. The support staff is helpful. kird2818
  • The worst thing about Currys is that the staff pounce on you just after you have walked into the store pestering you regarding what you want to buy. Personally I prefer to look at things and then ask for help when I need it. The range of good it very good and the prices reasonable and on par with other electrical retailers. Most often I will do an online price match and if I find what I want only available at the lower price from an online outlet I will go to Currys to have a look at the good to check it out before I commit to buy it to make sure its what I want. Mind you we were one seduced by the display in Currys after just going in there to buy some printer ink. We had a wonder around to look at the new 3D TV's that had just come onto the market and after playing about with the glasses we succumbed and bought one of them....Flipping expensive printer ink haha jacquis
  • While I'm not a fan of Currys PC World for their prices and lack of knowhow knowledge that they are known for, I did have a great experience with my white goods purchases. I had bought a fridge at their clearance centre - and they lost it instead of delivering. However, they offered a brand new replacement, which was delivered quickly a few days later. I've also had to make a warranty call for the fridge, but the handyman was quick and pleasant to deal with, as were the call centre staff. I feel the white goods services are great, but avoid the PC section, as they lack knowledge and the prices are too high. Angemala
  • Very fond of Curry's, although they can be expensive (which is as to be expected for the type of products) they do have a very good range of varied products for all budgets, often without scrimping on quality. I find the staff helpful in-store and there are always good deals and discounts available when you need them. Student offers for laptops and antivirus etc were fantastic and the staff were very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Also bought a mini fridge last year, very cheap budget price, expecting it to have died by now but it's still going and works perfectly. Very satisfied with Curry's products, deals and vouchers. Mashleigh