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2 for £20 on T-Shirts
Classic fit crew neck t-shirt featuring officially licensed character artwork. Delivery and Returns Sign-up for emails I’d love to hear about general offers or promotions from... Read more
28th Nov 2018

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  • I bought a vinyl/record player from HMV as it was in the sale. It's a solid black case with the turn table and volume inside. It was £39.99 reduced from £80 and it hasn't let me down, its exceeded my expectations. I bought this in store and when my fiance and I took it to the till, the gentleman serving us offered us to sign up to the HMV club. I can't quite remember how much it was but we did have to pay to sign up and receive a loyalty card. It might have been £3 or so. You get 1 point for every pound you spend and quite a lot of points for registering. They offer double points on certain products (and they offer double points on vinyl) but I feel like it takes SO long to earn enough points to spend on their unique and exclusive prizes. You do however get instant savings from discounts you can find on websites like Latest Deals so make sure to always search for one. Becky3012
  • I was devastated when they closed the last HMV store in our area. It was always my first choice for DVD's and music. I loved taking the kids into their store especially just after Christmas and we would all come out with bags of bargains every time. I saved so much money over the years from HMV from their sales and voucher codes I found online and really do miss their store. I shop on their website now and then but it really isn't the same as shopping in their store but they do run a lot of sales and you can even get free delivery throughout the year and their prices are still very competitive compared to other stores. SRFMLY
  • I really like HMV for purchasing my vinyl, they have a good stock of records & they often have some good deals on them too such as movie soundtracks on offer when the movie has just been released. The loyalty scheme takes an awful long time to redeem anything so I tend to just use my points to buy competition entries or look for voucher codes online for good deals. The staff in my local shop are always really helpful & will locate albums that I would like to look at but can't find on the main display. All in all a pretty decent shopping experience. DannyA
  • HMV is an good store and right in the City Centre, walk past it every time I'm in town. Sometimes I will pop in to see what's on offer. I was after another TWD mug (do love buying merchandise), was told to check back in a few weeks later, still not there. Have bought from elsewhere. Very good for CD's/Dvd's though and you can get decent savings when using online discount codes. I haven't tried online purchasing, not sure if they have any rewards to entice me, but may have a look in the future. ScotsChick
  • I used to love HMV when it was still on the high street. Many happy times were spent listening to new music using the headphones provided! It used to be the way I heard a lot of new music before YouTube! If it has reopened in the UK I need to go there to relive my youth! The staff were so passionate about new music and there were always bargains to be had on CDs from online voucher codes. Freebiesarefun
  • Love HMV as a great place for CD's, sometimes their other merchandise and novelty items are good for gifts etc. Also surprisingly sometimes find some good deals on books in there! Have often bought CD's on their two for 10 deals etc, but some of the ones in this offer haven't changed in years! Unfortunately for new CDs I tend to find going direct from the artists store online to be better as part of bundles, and older releases I tend to get from second hand stores. But its always pleasant to have a browse, and also to know that if there is a particular CD/DVD I want to get my hands on they are likely to have it. However, I have found their loyalty schemes to be a little pointless and confusing 😂 But you can still get fantastic deals from voucher codes, so overall, still a big fan! em221
  • I love HMV, Now they always have various sales and offers from voucher codes online on most of their items. you can guarantee you will get a good bargain on items in there, they have brilliant box set at low prices and even some books. I love the layout of the store too which is a very important issue for me as a wheelchair user it can be difficult to get around in a lot of stores, but I never have that issue in HMV. I purchase a lot of items as gifts from there as they have a wide collection of goods which make it easy to choose items for presents. I have purchased online as well which is very easy to navigate. I would recommend them for so many great reasons. zararoberts86
  • I used to love visiting my local HMV store in Hatfield. I would always wait for dvds to go into the 2/3 for £20 and buy a couple at a time. I would also visit HMV in Cambridge whilst on shopping trips with my friend and it would be the "go to" shop for presents and gifts for Christmas. I was sad when I heard that HMV closes but I am happy to continue making purchases online, where you can even get free delivery online voucher codes. They used to sell all kinds of stuff including vinyls which are hard to find at a decent price elsewhere. They sold games and consoles which kept my partner happy and I never left HMV without buying something every time. I would love it if they brought HMV back to the high street. ReviewerOfSorts
  • What a name from the past, always went to HMV when I was younger every Saturday to buy the latest top ten singles on cassette....yes you read right cassette!!! Did eventually move on to CD's, now I'm showing my age lol Local store closed down a few years ago and haven't visited recently but have to say they were always great with good deals from discount codes online, had everything you wanted, staff knew what they were talking about and always friendly. sarahtwinmom