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  • I use the Microsoft store for my son's Xbox buying points and all that faff I don't even know what it is!😂 They are an okay company, easy website to navigate payments goes through swimmingly. I also use it when downloading formats for my laptop too. They sometimes have money off certain ones from online discount codes which helps keep the penny's down. MrsB66
  • I use The Microsoft Store for anything to do with Xbox games or spending/buying points and when I find a good deal from voucher codes online. There are also free apps on there to try out although some are completely random. Although you don't get an actual physical product for the Xbox it's easier to download new games than to go and buy them from the shops. They are competitively priced and it's just so quick! I haven't had to contact customer services so that can only be a good thing! Freebiesarefun
  • I’ve actually only used the Microsoft store for a few things; Windows 10 and Microsoft office including Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint etc. It did cost me quite a bit really. It came to this situation when my computer developed a virus, upon having the whole system wiped, Microsoft also got deleted. This meant that each time I went on Microsoft word, it would ask me to purchase it. With not wanting to download illegally (for the fear of yet another virus), I decided to purchase from the proper site. It’s been great and worked fantastic on my computer as I expected. The best thing was that when I eventually got a new computer, I didn’t have to get one and pay more for one with Microsoft office on as my details of my purchase was kept safe on my account so I could just download it again. Very happy with Microsoft. It’s expensive, but well worth it to keep your computer up to date and safe. Make sure to look for discount codes at Latest Deals to save money. Becky3012
  • I’ve always used Microsoft office for my Xbox and also for downloading their Office package to use Microsoft word and PowerPoint while at school and college, it’s free for students which is amazing and so handy as I’m aware it’s a little pricey. I use it when using my Xbox to buy and redeem my Xbox live membership and also to download and buy new games, prices are usually somewhat cheaper when buying from the Microsoft store compared from a physical store and you constantly have the game on your console, no need to find the disc! Plus you can get good deals from online voucher codes. Overall I enjoy the service and have always had effective help from the customer service team, solving issues fairly quickly! Daniellephant
  • The Microsoft store is okay for Xbox games when they have deals and when you have online discount codes, but in general, you can still buy most things cheaper online elsewhere - including Xbox credit. So buyer beware and make sure you check for discounts first at Latest Deals. It is, however, extremely convenient for purchasing a variety of software then and there. As a professional IT worker, always prefer the discounts that resellers offer. But the convenience and guarantee of buying direct sometimes overcomes me. Angemala
  • Use The Microsoft Store pretty much on a weekly basis for my son. He buys credit for his X Box for games etc and to purchase his yearly X Box Live voucher. I find the games a bit more expensive but they do some great sales at times where he has saved a lot of money from online voucher codes but always worth comparing prices before purchasing. Never had a problem with them and their online customer service have been an absolute lifesaver to me the mum who isn't quite up to speed with it all lol! But they always resolve any issue I have. No complaints at all SRFMLY
  • There is so much on the Microsoft store that if you do not know roughly what you want it can be overwhelming to narrow down your search. They have everything from movies to apps for Windows 10 to XBox games (digital & physical copies) every week there are new deals on the different platforms so make sure to always dearch for discount codes online. If you have an issue the live chat facility is available & they are very quick to help you out, whether that is with a payment issue or a technical issue. They are very knowledgeable. I use Microsoft mainly for buying my digital games. SandyRhodes
  • I have mixed reviews about the Microsoft store. I use it mainly for my Xbox games but I find theirstuff quite expensive. More expensive than a shop. But you can get savings from online discount codes though. Also I find that there website is quite hard to navigate around and looks quite boring. An update is needed. I'll continue to use Microsoft for purchases through the Xbox but if I find a better deal elsewhere, I am not loyal to Microsoft. If I have any problems with a purchase or question, I find it very hard to get answers from Microsoft and actually end up googling the results instead. Overall, Microsoft isn't a shop/website that I would use regularly, it's more for a one off purchase such as a game. ReviewerOfSorts