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Working Music Magpie Vouchers and Promo Codes for February 2019

For the music lover, book worm and couch potato, Music Magpie has a great selection of second hand books, CDs, DVDs and games. Aside from buying these for cheap, you can also earn cash by trading in your old stuff. With a Music Magpie voucher code found by our money saving community, you can get an extra discount. Find cheap mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more.

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20% off All Refurbished Tech
CATEGORIES: Camera & CamcordersComputers & AccessoriesE-ReadersGames ConsolesMobile PhonesSound & VisionTech AccessoriesWearablesiPads & TabletsiPods 12 Month... Read more
20% off
5th Jun 2018
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10% Extra When Selling Items
Payment is made based on the value offered at the time of transaction only and is subject to CDs DVDs, Games & Tech passing our quality checks. All CDs, DVDs, Games... Read more
20th Oct 2017

How to redeem Music Magpie vouchers?


  • Choose your Music Magpie Voucher Code here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to musicMagpie.co.uk.
  • Select the corresponding offer for your discount and click "Buy Now". You may also shop for other items you want.
  • When you're done shopping, click "Basket" found at the top right corner of the page to checkout.
  • Review your order and click "Checkout Now" to sign in to your account wiht your email and password or create a new one if you're not yet registered.
  • Provide your billing and delivery information and click "Save & continue".
  • On the payment options page you will see "Promo Code" and a box where you can type in or paste your code. Click "Apply Now" and you total will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Finalize your order and enjoy your discount!

Other information


  • Personally I would advise against using these guys in both the selling and buying marketplace. I find what MusicMagpie offer for goods to be poor although if you don't care about the value and are happy for someone to be making over 100% profit then I guess it is good. I bought a phone from them a couple years ago and had nothing but aggro with them delivering it. Found the staff to be rude when speaking to them on the phone and not really helpful when issues arose, they expected me to wait up to 10 working days for delivery of the phone even though it should have been next day. They do often have voucher codes online you can use, which is the only good thing about them. Tom2017
  • I have used MusicMagpie for both selling and buying. We had a lot of very old CDs in our spare room that we haven’t touched since the day we moved into the house. Some only valued by them at a few pence some much more but the money came in handy when we needed it and the space it gave us back was worth it. I have also bought a computer game that my husband wanted for a very reasonable price. Make sure to search for online discount codes if you want some money off. HayleyReevesHec
  • I actually love MusicMagpie. I've never really sold to them because I don't think the prices they offer are too great, however, the prices they sell items for are fantastic and you can often find good deals from online voucher codes. We bought an iPhone that was described as 'good' condition, it arrived and was absolutely flawless condition! I was so pleased. Their DVD's and other items are also always good and they offer free delivery on all items so unlike CEX, it's not a £1.50 charge for each item, it's free, which makes it so worthwhile buying lots from MusicMagpie. One of the best second hand gadget places on the market, and they also have brilliant deals like £10 off etc every now and then 🙂 Becky3012
  • I think MusicMagpie are great if you have a load of unwanted DVDs, CDs, books and electronics that you just want rid of no matter how much you are given. They do not pay out a lot for stuff so if you just want rid they are perfect and you still get some money for that. They do have good deals from voucher codes online that's worth checking out. I think the way they operate the scan and give you price is brilliant and makes the process of selling to them very easy and is quite enjoyable to do with your kids who don't want old items as they love being able to scan the items! The collection or drop off service is easy and quick to do giving you the option of what suits you better. I have used MusicMagpie quite a few times now and have always been satisfied with the service and outcome having no issues to deal with. I would recommend them for all the above reasons if they suit what you wish the outcome to be and what to expect. zararoberts86
  • I've not bought from their website directly (thus not sure if this counts?) but I've had a lot sent from them via eBay or Amazon. I buy quite a lot of CD's and look for the best discount codes and deals on secondhand online. The delivery has always been amazing and the packaging suitable. I've never had a problem with any of the disks sent out, and despite often the low list price the quality has been excellent and there has never been any damage to jewel cases and the like. Overall, my experience with them in this regard has been great. I have never sold anything with them, and if i were to sell items it would be less likely that I would turn to them as I have heard many say the amounts received are very low. However, having said that the ease of sale would be attractive. em221
  • MusicMagpie were really good when they first started, you used to get great prices when they bought your stuff and there are always savings from voucher codes online (until now actually), they didn't decline any items and it was really handy to clear out old DVDs and CDs. Now they seem to decline everything based on quality even though the items were fine when sent. I wouldn't bother with them now and would rather sell my items myself it's less hassle. Also their website sometimes crashes mid uploading a huge list and it never saves which is very annoying and a waste of time. Freebiesarefun
  • I was going to use MusicMagpie but the price they offered was terrible 10p for CDs!! It wasn’t worth my time parcelling them up so took them somewhere else and got a lot more money for them. I certainly wouldn’t use again. The only thing decent about them are the discount codes I've seen on sites like Latest Deals. sarahtwinmom
  • I sold a lot of computer games through MusicMagpie, it seemed very hit & miss as far as the price they offered went. Some games were a LOT higher than anticipated & the majority a bit less than I hoped for, so it averaged out to me being happy enough to continue with trading in. The actual process of sending the items & receiving payment was extremely easy & very fast. I think they have stopped offering as good a trade in price recently though & DVDs especially just aren't worth the hassle, I prefer to donate DVDs to charity for the sake of a few pence a disc. All in all I'd say it is worth comparing prices from other retailers with MusicMagpie and they do have discount codes online that you can take advantage of but not necessarily the best option in the end. SandyRhodes