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Working TK Maxx Vouchers and Promo Codes for December 2019

When it comes to being passionate about what they do, TK Maxx has it nailed. The clothes business offers great value for money, selling popular brands at cheaper prices. If you are looking to fill your wardrobe in time for the new season, TK Maxx is a great option. With a TK Maxx discount code or TK Maxx voucher code, you get to choose quality bargain items for even less. Whether you are looking for outdoor clothing, glam outfits, or shopping for the family, everything stays within your budget.

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How to redeem TK Maxx vouchers?


  • Select the voucher of your choice here at LatestDeals.co.uk then head on to www.tkmaxx.com.
  • Select the corresponding item for your chosen voucher and the products you want to purchas then click "Add to Basket".
  • When you're done shopping click "Checkout" found at the top right corner of the page.
  • Review your items and click "Checout Securely Now" to "Log In Securely' with your email and password if you're an existing customer. If you're a new customer simply "Register' with your email address. If you don't want to register, you can opt for "Guest Checkout" to proceed.
  • Add in your billing details and click "Agree and Continue".
  • Just below your item(s) you will see the field for "Redeem a Promotion Code". Type in or paste your voucher code in the box marked as "Enter Code" and click "Apply". Your total will then be adjusted accordingly.
  • Finalize your order details.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • I rarely went in before, but now I love to browse their kitchenware! Often there are some good deals at TK Maxx, however the initial prices of the brands on offer mean that it's still more expensive in some cases than elsewhere. But I love the fact you can find items not often on sale in many other places, plus you can get savings from discount codes online. In terms of clothing, I have rarely found anything, but have had some luck on buying trainers in the past. I think a lot of it depends on the store, some always have nice items in, and others it's way more of a struggle. - em221
  • TK Maxx is either a hit or a miss depending on which store you go to, and I have to be in the mood for a good old rummage! Some of them are really organised and tidy while others are a total mess! It's a great place to go to pick up a gift or outfit and they cater for everyone. I have brought a few baby items in there recently, and I was even offered free delivery to store with a low spend. The website is good and sells some good things. You can also get free delivery from online voucher codes. I have even seen pushchairs on there this week. I do find some of their things expensive but generally of good quality! The 14 day return is a bit of a hassle though as sometimes it's going near there by that time, but hey! k54321b
  • TK MAXX isn't normally one of my first choices to be honest. We do have a huge store in our town center but it is very badly laid out which puts me off from shopping there. If you do have the time and the patience you can find some really good bargains on designer clothes and handbags etc and my mum has picked up some great household items too for great prices. If the store was laid out better I would shop there more often. The staff always seem very friendly and eager to help and they do some great promotions at Christmas time too so if you do have the patience it is worth having a look for some great savings. Don't forget to search online for discount codes to further your savings. SRFMLY
  • I enjoy shopping in TK Maxx but only when I have enough time as our store is huge and not very well laid out. Everything is everywhere , the shelves are all overcrowded and the clothes are always mixed up so you have to be prepared to spend plenty time having a good rake around. I'd say it's somewhere in between a jumble sale and a car boot sale, but I've found some cracking bargains this way, I've had loads of of pet items which have stood the test of time and are still being used. I've also had a few great kitchen items with brilliant prices. My favourite department is the Beauty bit though, where you can pick up all sorts of big brand names at a big knockdown price thanks to voucher codes I found online. Nikki2017
  • TK Maxx can be a hit or a miss, sometimes you can get some really good items, particularly in the women's sports section or winter coats. Other times there are just lots of random items that don't fit properly to the size they say they are or are just too out there to wear day to day! They have some lovely ball gown style dresses though. My local store now has a huge home section which has every kind of statue and ornament that you can ever dream of to have in your home. They always have a long queue but get extra staff on the tills to make it a bit faster which is good customer service. I also love the fact that you can get fantastic savings from discount codes online.Freebiesarefun
  • TK Maxx is like an Aladdin's cave of treasures! I love it! You never know what you might find. They have a lot of great deals on footwear & you can fall lucky & get Dr Martens, Vans & Sketchers all at a fraction of the RRP. You can even further your savings from voucher codes online! You definitely have to buy it when you see it as you rarely go back & find the item again, they seem to have a very quick turnover of stock. I like that they have a similar version of the Sylvanian Families toys which again are half the price. There are really good buys in the seasonal stock too. If you like something different to the normal high street shops I bet you'll find it in TK Maxx. They also have a loyalty scheme called Treasure & they have different offers every month. SandyRhodes
  • The clothing section is always a bit of a mess but if you have the time to search thoroughly you can often find a good bargain whether it's mens ladies or childrens. They have a good variety of footwear too. I love browsing the handbag section and could spend a fortune there alone often finding a designer bargain. I love the household goods section most of all as there are some great bargains to be had there. I collect coloured glass and can always find something out of the ordinary and quirky in TK Maxx. I often shop in their online sales too especially at Christmas as I can find some great stocking fillers for the whole family no matter what their ages. Plus you can also get free delivery from voucher codes online! jacquis
  • TK Maxx is not a shop I often visit. I find that when I have been in there in the past, their offering is somewhat too wide for my tastes and the quality is not always that great. You really have to know what you are looking for and focus on that. I find that the store layout is too busy and packed with products for me to really enjoy the retail experience. I never visit the website either. I really have to believe in a brand to want to shop there; in-store or online, but you can often find money saving deals from online discount codes. I am not disputing that you can pick up some great products, but it's the time and effort needed that puts me right off. Ceebers
  • They have good prices on name brand merchandise, but buyer beware of TK Maxx. Many of their products are returns and used items. Make sure you thoroughly check any item before buying it here. Also, make sure you check online for better prices as they are not always the cheapest. Make sure to search online for voucher codes for free delivery as well. That being said, their housewares section is great fun to browse and their gifts are definitely inspiring for the 'don't know what to get' present. I find I often end up going into TK Maxx intent on buying and leave empty handed. This may have something to do with the chaos that is the shop floor though. You have to spend ages to find anything, and when you do, they might not have the right size. It's always a mess. I try to avoid them unless actively trying to waste time. Angemala
  • I find TK Maxx to be like a huge jumble sale. There are racks of clothes sorted by size with a small slip of card and there is no organisation to the shop at all. They have a brick and brack section which is always messy and there always clothes on the floor. I haven't shipped at TK Maxx for several years now because I find it incredibly hard to find what I'm looking for. I also find their prices to be incredibly expensive when compared to other shops such as supermarket or budget shops. They are meant to be designer brands and you will certainly still pay designer prices but the quality of the goods doesn't reflect the price you pay. ReviewerOfSorts