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Very discount code and Very vouchers up to 70% off

Fashionistas always have Very as their go-to place for their glam and fab fashion needs. With more than a hundred exclusive and world-famous brands, they have definitely earned the name. With a Very discount code or Very voucher code, you get to enjoy a huge discount on getting your wardrobe ready for the next season. Get the celebrity treatment you are craving for when you shop online and choose among the hottest brands they have in stock. Looking for Jigsaw, Hobbs, Ted Baker and the like? Very is a Latest Deals top choice.

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10% off at very.co.uk
This voucher entitles you to 10% off on a credit order on by now pay later for 6 months at very.co.uk free click and collect on alot of things.... Read more
10% off
10th Nov
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£30 Credit Back When You Spend £60
How to claim your offer: Place an order by midnight on 18th August 2019 using code NWMRD. Please note we will charge the full value of the order then credit the benefit to your... Read more
Home & Garden
7th Aug
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15% off at Very!
Type in discount code for 15% off whole order! available online only!not sure how long it lasts... Read more
15% off
21st Jun
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Samsung Galaxy S10 10% off at Very
You can get now Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB All Colours + Free Earbuds + Trade In + 10% Off First Orders £719 @ Very.Was £799 now £719.Enter the code at the checkout.... Read more
10% off
21st Feb

How to redeem Very vouchers?


  • Select the voucher of your choice here at LatestDeals.co.uk then head on to Very.co.uk.
  • Select the corresponding offer for your voucher and click "Add to basket". You can also shop for other items you want.
  • When you're done shopping, simply click "Basket" found at the top right corner of the page to proceed to checkout.
  • Review your items and click "Continue securely" to sign in to your account if you're an existing customer or register if you're a new customer.
  • Choose your delivery method and click "Continue".
  • On the Payment page you will see "Promo Code" just below your total and the box where you can type in or paste your voucher code. Click "Apply" and your total will then be adjusted accordingly.
  • Click "Continue" to finalize your order.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • I generally don't use this site so much these days. When I have I have found the offers and delivery service to be excellent. I have previously ordered an office desk, chair and a bed to kit out a spare room. Swift service and competitive pricing especially with a Very discount code. I now tend to shop around and use Amazon to compare pricing and get a quicker delivery. I am a Prime member so I enjoy faster and prompt delivery. I would buy from Very again, but I consider other brands first. Ceebers
  • I rarely use this site but a year or two ago, I bought a coat that was Miss London and reduced from over £100 down to £30. They had an offer on sale items at the time so I got another £10 off at checkout, plus I think there was a Very voucher code. It’s my favourite coat, great quality and I’m still using it today. It’s a great site for bargains! Becky3012
  • I love Very because they have excellent offers, good choice and offer a free delivery service where you can pick up your item from a collection point near you. You can normally get a discount code on top as well Their customer service is fabulous and you can pay over three months if you don't want to pay all at once. The only issue I've had, is cancelling an item, only to find out a couple of days later that it'll be with me soon, so another call to customer service it is then. CherylParry
  • I only use very when it comes to purchasing something expensive and I can spread the payments, there’s the take 3 option which I favour as there’s no interest, you pay off the item in 3 monthly payments, or you can do 6 or 12 month which comes with interest. Delivery is quick and customer service is very helpful, I've used the chat bar and also phones both of which are great customer service. If you search online, you can find a Very voucher pretty easily too. Very also has an app which is easy to use and shows your account statements which is amazing if you want to check when your direct debit is coming out, love love love Very! lozmturner
  • I think very is Great, I have an account with them and have had a few items including trainers, my phone a toaster, jacket, and a couple of tops. What I especially like is when I bought my phone i was able to get it there and then but I don't have to start paying it for a year. Ive never had any issue with customer service and there delivery is really fast . If I had to say one thing i don't like about Very then it would have to be all the messages and sales calls , they do tend to call at stupid times of day and night Nikki2017
  • I really like the things they sell on the Very website, there's literally everything you could ever want to buy. It's got loads of toys which is handy for buying for my nieces and nephews. The only problem I have with it is that it is constantly trying to get you to sign up to their credit account. In fact when I first made an account to buy something it opened the credit account without me realising and I had to close it. For this reason I probably won't be using Very again which is a shame because I do like all their stuff. Freebiesarefun
  • I’ve used Very twice now, both times for more expensive purchases. I like the fact that you can spread payments or pay the balance off in one. Both times I have purchased something there has been a voucher code on - the last one was spend £100 and get £50 off, this worked out great for me as my son was wanting a trampoline for his birthday. Once the discount had been applied it worked out much cheaper than anywhere else I had looked. Their delivery has been fast & efficient and their customer service was excellent on the one occasion I needed to phone them. frogdogsnogs
  • I never use Very, I have seen some nice items but after seeing something I like & having a quick look around I have found the items elsewhere. I am not a fan of sites that offer to pay for lower cost items in instalments (catalogue shopping) and while I appreciate lots of people find this extremely useful I believe in saving up for something & paying in full otherwise you can get caught up in having 2, 3, 4 items to pay off & not having the finances to do so. I realise you can pay in full straight away too but I feel this is not what the site encourages. SandyRhodes
  • Very are very expensive compared to other stores, and they have a history of messing up and not making it up to customers. The one time I bought something was a Samsung tablet when they were on sale for a lower price than competitiors. They realised it was a price error and went back and forth as to whether they would honour it or not. They ended up honouring for some, but not others, and giving out £20 vouchers that didn't work. I feel more time was wasted than was worth the discount offered. Angemala
  • I'm not overly fond of Very or sites like this, they charge you an arm and a leg for the convenience of paying it off over time, we have used it for things we needed asap, but once we finished paying we assumed the direct debits would stop as most companies do, but very still takes it even after you have finished paying, then makes it as difficult as possible to get your own money back once you realise. AnthonyFulton
  • I’ve only started using very in the last 8 weeks. Opened a credit account. Was really easy. Ordered something for £15 easy again. And then I got a code for 20% off. I’m expecting my first baby and they had the next stage car seat on offer plus 20% off so thought great I’ll order it. Came really quick but then here is why I’ve become a great fan of theirs. I decided I wanted a more generic pattern. I’d ordered unicorns figured in 11 years time my little girl may not like them and hate me. So I changed it for stars but I didn’t realise the Very voucher code was one time use and I’d seen a cot bed for when she’s older. Mamas and papas Mia sleigh on offer at £270 from £350 so asked on chat if they could take the 20% off the cot as I didn’t know it was one time use. I had to order the new car seat and cot bed together. They arranged collection of the car seat I didn’t want and then once the car seat was credited to my account they added the 20% to the order so I got a £350 cot bed for £216. It was so quick and easy and can’t recommend them enough. They have really impressed me. Some things are more expensive but if you use as back up and when things are ok offer it’s great rainydayas
  • I had bought a few things from Very over the years but unfortunately, twice now they haven't applied my discount code and I have had ongoing nightmares with customer service. They have a great range of products and the discount codes they send out are great (when they are actually applied as they say they will). I might consider shopping with them in the future if they have a good deal available but having been twice bitten now, it wouldn't be my first choice. That said, the things I have purchased have been of great quality. kellyknight
  • Unfortunately I didnt have a great experience with Very. I opened an account with them about 18 months ago as they had some good deals on luggage for my holiday. Firstly they didnt apply my discount for being a new customer and after several weeks and many many conversations with online customer service it did finally get resolved but it took so much time and I had to explain the same thing to many different agents as no notes were ever kept on my account which was very frustrating. Also received 2 different orders where I had been sent the wrong sizes so then had to arrange a return for them and on both occasions the courier didn't collect on the day specified so I had wasted days at home waiting on them coming and contacting them yet again to re arrange. Finally There was another online promotion that yet again didn't get applied to my account so I ended up closing the account as it wasn't worth the stress. Was very disappointing as they do have some great sales and discounts if they can apply them properly and they really need to keep a note on whats happening with customer accounts to avoid the repetitive communication i had to go through with them. SRFMLY