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Working Wilko Vouchers and Promo Codes for December 2019

Get your home ready in time for the new season with Wilko. The popular homeware retailer has emerged as one of the most celebrated and trusted names in UK. Whether you're planning a full-blown kitchen renovation, off to improve your garden, or just want a few bits and bobs, with a Wilko discount code or Wilko voucher code, your money can go a long way. There are so many good quality and cheap products from Wilko, plus they offer free click and collect when ordering online. What's not to like?

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Wilko is well-known for best range quality garden outdoor, and housewares products worldwide. It has huge stock of wide varieties of products that just suits to all online... Read more
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9th Mar

How to redeem Wilko vouchers?


  • Shop for the items you want to purchase and click "Add to Basket".
  • When you're done shopping, click the basket icon on the upper right corner of the page.
  • On the "Your basket" page, you will find the "+ Add promotion code" below the delivery information. Simply click on the + (plus) sign and the box for "Enter a promo code?" will appear where you can type in or paste your voucher code.
  • Click "Apply" and your sub total will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Click "Checkout Securely" to proceed.
  • Login as an existing customer with your email and password or shop as a guest by clicking "Guest Checkout".
  • Fill in your billing and delivery details and proceed to payment information to complete your purchase.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • Wilko has arrived here on the relatively new retail park and I often use it for housecare and gardening products. I buy online and use click and collect, through Quidco or TopCashback to get cashback (and the frequent £2.50 bonuses) and look for Wilko voucher codes. The staff are friendly and helpful but collection often takes ages as they have a very poor filing system for orders. Once they gave me the items off the shelf as they couldn’t find the order and then gave me the money back to my credit card 2 months later, presumably because they thought I hadn’t collected it. Grannyclock
  • Wilko as a company has gone down hill. It used to be family owned and family orientated and that reflected in the happiness of its staff. Yes, you can get a good bargain in there but there is a handful of staff working there now, so finding any help on the shop floor or getting any kind of friendly service at the checkout is mission impossible. emsterific
  • I shop at Wilko pretty much every week. They just cannot be beaten on price at all. They have the best offers by the front door so it can get a bit crowded in my local store. I usually buy things like hair care, shower gel, makeup bits and bobs and a lot of garden stuff. Online, you can usually find a Wilko discount code. They sell plants for ridiculously cheap prices and all they need is a bit of watering for a few days and they look great. Also got loads of pots (plastic) but they look like real garden pots! When you move into a new place you need to go here to stock up on all household essentials. The only problem is carrying everything back to the car as their carpark is always full so sometimes I do click and collect and can leave the car outside for a few minutes while collecting the order. Freebiesarefun
  • Wilko always has things you need at a great price. There is a huge variety of household items and they even offer a student discount. It's my number one stop for 'where can I get that?' goods and last minute gifts. The stores are very clean and clear. They also have a great online click and collect for items not available locally. They are fast to deliver and their refund policy makes it quick and easy if you have issues with a product. Angemala
  • I get all my pet items from Wilko because for a great price, they offer the best range of toys, food and have things for all different types of animals. I don't really shop for anything else but I can see that they have everything you could want up for grabs in their stores. I also like the fact that you can shop online. This is a big plus for some people who can't access a store as it's too far or even for people who are unable to leave the house. Becky3012
  • I purchase all my cats food, toys & litter from Wilkos, they have excellent prices & they rotate the discount offers in such a way that you know the brand you want will be on offer again in so many weeks. Their click & collect service is fast & efficient, they have an easy to navigate website which also tells you how many of an item is left in stock. In store you can get some really reduced items in their equivalent of the yellow sticker sections. The only issue I have with Wilkos is that their staff are with super happy/friendly or super miserable! There is no middle ground. The stores are well stocked & very clean. SandyRhodes
  • I love Wilko, especially used to like their toiletries (before we got a savers) and their stationery. However after moving it's quite a walk to my nearest one so I rarely go. Now I only tend to buy bird food and occasionally household and DIY bits and bobs. I'm not sure if they are as competitive as they used to be, but still cheaper than some of the other places around; and their click and collect has been great to use. Most importantly, the best bit about Wilko is the half price pick and mix offers! em221
  • I personally think Wilko used to be an excellent company, although in the past five years they have seriously gone downhill. I think their products used to be excellent and fantastic value for money with what you bought. 9/10 products were good quality, but the poor quality products were often visible straight away so you simply wouldn't buy them. However in recent years, I believe product quality has got an all time low and you get what you pay for now. The only products in Wilkos that I would buy now a days are the quality products on offer for good prices (or with a voucher code), or the higher end products that I could probably get elsewhere for better value for money. Personally disappointed with how Wilkos has declined, it used to be my go to store and now I only go there if I desperately can't find what I'm looking for anywhere else. Mashleigh
  • I regularly shop in Wilko and love their end of season discounts. Xmas & Halloween decorations are always fantastic and find their vast ranges far superior than supermarkets plus they are generally quite a bit cheaper. They often have deals on fragrances and I have used their click and collect service a few times to my local branch which saved me on postage as it was a free service. Branded items are often quite reasonable in price. They have a great range of bargain homewares and are good if you need anything cheaply. LaurenScarlett
  • Love Wilko. It's one of the best affordable stores for their home and cleaning products. Has great deals at Christmas clearance as well and you can stack them with a Wilko discount code. Fantastic value for money plus a wide range across products. Have great kitchen utensils and accessory products at an affordable price. We get a lot of our bits and bobs from there. Their energy saving bulbs are also priced quite affordably. The store staff is quite helpful and returns are quite easy. kird2818
  • Wilko is a fab shop, perfect for the home especially DIY as this is where I buy my paint from and it is excellent quality. They also do great sales and vouchers from time to time, you need to visit your store regularly, to get bargains from just 25p. Perfect for all the family. Also they are great for cleaning products and homes are at low prices. After all where there's a Wilko there's a way! MrsB66
  • This is becoming one of my favourite shops for bargains. Always such a great range of different products from DIY and cleaning products to kitchenware and paint and I've had some amazing deals from this company over the past few months and never had any issues with them at all. I had been looking for a set of the glass drinking jars for a while and ended up getting 2 dozen for £4 so was able to get them for all of us for summer as great for keeping drinks chilled in summer and are also fun to have, great bargains, great products and delivery cant ask for more SRFMLY
  • I love Wilko for their gardening stuff. Their seeds are much cheaper in there and do the job just as good as the top brands. I also love their shed paint which is also a lot cheaper than top brands. Their own brand sun cream is fantastic for sensitive skin too. I've bought wallpaper, and that was OK too. For larger items, I use cash back sites to save even more money and if possible a Wilko voucher. CherylParry
  • I like shopping at Wilko. Their prices are very reasonable. Our local store is really big and there is plenty of room to move around and take your time - which means I spend far more than I intended to. I have used their click and collect and it's always been smooth (although I did have one package damaged in transit). Staff are always polite but I do with they had more paypoints as it gets quite busy and crowded at the few tills.
  • I bought their own brand pan set at Christmas as a back up and was disappointed with the quality, but you get what you pay for so I can't really complain. Overall I am a satisfied customer and will continue to shop with Wilko. kellyknight
  • Our Wilko has dramatically down sized of late. It used to be a very large shop covering 2 floors but now the top floor is shut and it's just 1 floor and naturally a lot of their stock you can no longer get there. I only really go if I have to get specific items from there. I do love it when they do their half price pick n mix. Their staff are all friendly and will help. I do like Wilko. I should make more effort to go into it. funwithlisa
  • If I had to describe Wilko in one word it would be affordable. I love their “stay low price” deals and they really do make an effort with offers on toiletries. Things are not difficult to find in store either and I find that their own branded stuff is brilliant. I am a convert to Wilko lemon fresh cleaning wipes for the kitchen. They are so much cheaper than the brands and actually do the job just as good in the kitchen, leaving a great lemon scent. Best part is that they also have an online service too for convenience. I really don’t have much negative to say about the store - normally you can find a Wilko discount code or two as well. AniMoh
  • Quite like a good look around a Wilko, Something you can get great deals. My hubby thinks the wallpaper is afab to put up, and easy so definitely recommend you buy it from there. They have great little home items usually in different colours if you are looking for home accessories. As always you need to know your prices. sarahtwinmom