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Working Wowcher Vouchers and Promo Codes for April 2021

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HR12+ Fitness Tracker

Highlights Get a super smart 27-in-1 Fitness Tracker. With a touch screen display and adjustable strap. Choose from five bright colours! Displays 27 functions including heart rate...Read more
26th Nov 2018
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How to redeem Wowcher vouchers?

Wowcher Wallet Credit

After you purchase a Wowcher, instead of redeeming it with the merchant, you may redeem it towards another deal or claim a Wowcher Wallet Credit which will be valid for 3 months.

If you redeem towards another deal or claim a Wowcher Wallet Credit, it will be of an amount equal to 100% of the purchase price of the Wowcher if the claim is made not more than 30 days after the date of issue of the Wowcher, or 50% of the purchase price of the Wowcher if the claim is made more than 30 days after the date of issue of the Wowcher voucher code but before the end of the validity period.

Other information

  • I was warned against using Wowcher by many people online but decided to give it a go. I have ordered 3 items from them. The first, a set of Harry Potter wand make up brushes. I’d seen these elsewhere at approx £10 for 5 brushes and with Wowcher deals I could get 10 for £10. They took a while to come and the quality was amazing. Very happy customer. Secondly, I bought a 10ft swimming pool for £20. It didn’t arrive within the time frame so I emailed, I received a very quick apology and explanation. My item was out of stock so they arranged to get from another stockist at no extra cost to myself. Although there were issues with this purchase they were swiftly resolved and so I have no complaints. The third item I ordered was a mystery watch. A lot of other people online were purchasing too. It cost £12 and the day people started receiving their watches they were very disappointed at the quality (lower end of the scale of possible watches) I then received mine and received a watch worth £595. So all in all, my dealings with Wowcher have been nothing but wonderful, plus you can even get savings from online discount codes, though I understand Wowcher is not to everyone’s taste. emsterific
  • I have had good and bad experiences with Wowcher. I bought a wooden engraved piece which was a fantastic price but it took over 5 weeks to arrive and all my emails to both the company and Wowcher customer services were ignored. Then another few times I have bought products and they arrived in really good time. It's hit and miss so don't buy from there if it's a present just in case it takes too long to turn up! Make sure to also check for voucher codes online to get even better deals. Freebiesarefun
  • I am always looking at the ways to save money, so I have been using Woucher many times, mostly to buy dance classes and fitness deals. It worked out great as tango and zouk classes cost a lot but with the voucher codes online you can get them at a very good price. The same with yoga classes and massages, I found a very cheap and pampering deals. I also bought restaurant deals and other local experiences and overall had a good experience and saved money. On a negative point, I find that they always have less choices and deals available than other similar companies and for that reason I use competitor companies more often.@themystery3
  • Wowcher is one of my favorite apps. Managed to find so many bargains from days out to house furniture all without any problems or complaint. Very easy to use and always one of my first apps to check if Im ever buying anything specific! I’ve always found the delivery times to be quick - usually all within 1 week - and the only time the product I ordered wasn’t in stock wowcher contacted me and refunded me with Wowcher points which I managed to spend on something else I wanted. BobbyLove
  • I used Wowcher once and the make up pallet I had came damaged.. it took me a while to locate how to send it back and emails were very hard work. So I don’t like Wowcher I eventually had a replacement but it still wasn’t worth it. You can however find pretty decent savings from online discount codes on Latest Deals that you may want to check out. DawnBailey
  • I have only used Wowcher a handful of times. They seem to have some decent promotions, online voucher codes and deals all year round but I'm still not overly impressed with them. I had ordered an item for my grandson and several days later I was contacted by them to say it was out of stock and couldn't be supplied. I requested a full refund but I was told I would get Wowcher points instead to use on another item which I wasn't very impressed with but it took so long on each occasion for customer service to reply to me I ended up just ordering him something else and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle going back and forth for so long so not great service and not sure if I would use them again. SRFMLY

When are new Wowcher discount codes added?

On average a new discount code for Wowcher is shared every 30 days. In total we have had 44 new promo codes for Wowcher. Get vouchers.

How do I find a working Wowcher coupon code?

We have over one million members regularly sharing, updating and expiring Wowcher codes to make sure they work.

What are the best Wowcher offers?

As well as vouchers, our members have also shared loads of Wowcher deals and offers. See them here.

What can I save by using a voucher at Wowcher?

The best discount for Wowcher we have at the moment is 90% off.

How can I share a Wowcher voucher code?

You can sign up for a free Latest Deals account and share any Wowcher codes you find. To thank people for sharing we reward our members with Amazon vouchers.

What is the best way to stay updated about new Wowcher discounts and codes?

We recommend signing up for Latest Deals which will automatically subscribe you to our email newsletter. Every day we send out a lovingly handcrafted email with the best deals and offers (including Wowcher). Alternatively you can download the Latest Deals app.
What people think of Wowcher
3 months ago
I have been registered with wowcher deals for a number of years and have tried to order a few things from them in the past but have been very disappointed. The products on offer are sometimes not great quality or when you try and order they come back with it being out of stock. So not a great fan.
10 months ago
I absoultly love wowcher becuase the products are amazing and they are so affordable. you can use wowcher points to buy a product which is good becuase it means your money is not going to waste. . I recommend people trying wowcher it is amazing and cheaper than when you buy on another shop.
11 months ago
they got really not so good to brilliant offers here, just just be wary and be careful. I even think twice as some reviews are really unimpressive and disappointing but eventually i tried it as i like one product.. i am not dismayed when I received it but my 2nd experience is not the best of all...
11 months ago
I have only ever ordered a couple of items from wowcher and didnt come across any significant problems. I was a little bit dubious as I had heard from a lot of people including friends on social media that they had ordered and paid for items that were never delivered. Well the items I ordered did arrive but there was a very very long wait. Also if you are on the site please keep an eye on the delivery charges as some can be very high. Product prices in general are very reasonable but personally it's not a site I would continue to use . I find groupon to be better for me
11 months ago
Similar to Groupon and a great place for things to do and buying the odd treat for family or friends . My wife is a fan of this website as she loves buying things for the garden and she is always on there buying from them . As far as I'm concerned with giving them an excellent rating is due to there efficient delivery and the quality of the products .
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