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How Much Are You Able to save Each Month?

Money Saving

And what hacks, tricks or tips do you have to increase the amount you save?

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16 days ago
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Golfforall16 days ago

The best interest rate at the moment by a mile is the 3.5% on a Yorkshire Building Society regular saver account (max £500 a month ) . It's a "loyalty account" , you have to have been a member before Jan 2020 .

However it may be worth having a look to see if you have an old Egg Savings or Chelsea Building Society account as Yorkshire took them over many years ago (would qualify as a Yorkshire account for loyalty purposes ).

Ann198416 days ago

£440 a month would be £500 but we allow 3 takeaways any money left over from paying bills food etc just goes into a pot. We don’t put into bank accounts. Only spend what you need

MrsCraig16 days ago

It varies every month depending on whether insurance, MOT, service is due or if something needs fixed. It can be anywhere from £500 upwards. There are lots of stuff we do to save us money, but they probably aren't any different to what others do.

We only spend what we have to, we don't buy non essentials, I do surveys and use those vouchers to purchase things we need, there is no food waste in our house, we always stick to our shopping list, I always check what food we already have so we aren't buying stuff we don't need, we always switch utilities etc, I leave the oven door open after cooking so it heats the kitchen up, we also have an air fryer, which uses less energy so cheaper to run and lots of other little things that help us spend less each month so we can save more.

Ceebers16 days ago

I am not saving anything at the moment. But then I am not spending much either. I am mortgage-free and only really have bills to pay for.

Like MrsCraig, I supplement my income by completing surveys, taking part in market research and other side-gigs that help keep my Amazon and PayPal accounts topped-up and healthy.

My next expenditure will be on a holiday, at some point when the world slides out of Lockdown, so that I can reconnect with my friends overseas. I know a Zoom call is cheap and cheerful, but it is not quite the same vibe!


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