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Adding New Information to a Post


Hello, Apologies if this has already been posted - I'm new to the chat section of this - but how do you add more information to a post? I can't seem to see a button other than flag as expired, report deal or save deal. I don't want to report any posts that shouldn't be reported but I often see posts where I could add some helpful info to and not sure how to do it. Thanks 🙂

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
jojowane672 years ago

The dots at top have edit so u can add too but make sure u press save after ... I don't know how to change the link all u can do is press delete but if finished u can't change the actual name or category x well I can't find how I've inboxes Tom for same thing as I did post but put it was a freebie instead of a comp n couldn't change or delete so just had to slide the button across at bottom as I'd it had expired x n then it takes off ur points plus one post xx

Johnny2 years ago

Hi Annacat,

I struggle to find this too. But think I've got it now.

AFAIK there are two ways to add information to someone else's post

Method 1

As Jojo says

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots on the post
  2. You'll then see a menu: Save Deal /Report Deal/Flag as Expired
  3. Select Report Deal
  4. Then select a reason from the drop down menu, which looks like this: Image
  5. Either select Missing Info (if you want to suggest a better title, or to add an image)
  6. Or select Other (where you can provide other details you think are relevant)
  7. Then click on the Blue Report button to Save.
  8. The final step is for a moderator to review / check your additional info and post it live

Method 2

Add your comment to the bottom of the original post


Tom Kelsey

Hi guys, is there any way you can add a similar text field to the one found under 'Other' to the 'Missing Info' fields, so that when you want to suggest additional information you can suggest: a) Better title b) Different image, and c) Other relevant details, all together in one single Report?

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