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Avoiding Politics with Family Members over Christmas - Hints and Tips Needed!!

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Over the past few years Christmas dinner has become increasingly tense with family members due to very different political opinions. I’m hoping this year we’ll be able to put out differences aside for the day, but I was wondering if anyone has any hints or tips for changing the topic if chat starts getting too political and fun ways to keep things civil?

6 days ago
What do you think of this?
didbygraham6 days ago

I think the way things are going it might be difficult not to get political over Christmas this year, assuming we actually get a Christmas. so instead if trying to avoid politics maybe turn in into a game. Collect the most ridiculous quotes from politicians (from all parties to avoid issues!) and try to work out who said them - or make some up and do a "real quote or not" style quiz. Turn the politicians into a source of fun. It requires a bit of work but might just take the edge of it!

SilverSurfer4 days ago

We are going to sit in silence all day lol

Leannexxx4 days ago

Lol never mind with family don't do it on here

Pjran4 days ago

As your guests enter your home ask them if they have a £10 note. Explain that’s the fine they will have to pay if the conversation starts on any political subject, like a swear box.

KatieBlue4 days ago

My top tip for avoiding conflict with extended family at Christmas, is to not invite them! Have a quiet day with the ones you love. You could FaceTime your relations and cut them off if they say something you don’t like. But then again I am an unsociable person!

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