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Birthday Parties for Children

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If you did childrens parties for their birthday at what age did you stop?

Ours have gotten smaller but still happening and wonder when I can taper them into maybe just them and 1 friend as its very expensive now theyre older plus we do things out several times a week, suggestions please? TIA

19 days ago
What do you think of this?
Ann198419 days ago

We never do a every year party first one when started full time school one at 13 then 16 and 18 don't stress yourself if you said do your daughter/son about it better to teach them young that you could do cinema and meal after with a sleepover or a pamper session to me it's only parents competing against each other who can do the best I have seen parents have a limo pick up kids from school to take to a party and these are only 9 serious don't get your self into something that is too expensive whice then leaves you short

jmsonl19 days ago

Mine since around 7 just want a few friends to see a movie at the cinema. Most previous parties where just a few friends over to play. I did pass the parcel and made a treasure hunt around the house and garden. Nothing crazy needed. I did a science experiment party once at a local community room. Was fun yet a lot of hassle.

sarahgreen1518 days ago

i dont have children yet, but when i was younger, my mum would always ask what i wanted to do for my birthday.. she would pay for my friends to come to the cinema with me, or go ice skating, bowling etc... for my 16th birthday, she paid for 10 of my friends to come and see Ed Sheeran perform in a tiny little gig place in my home town - he wasnt famous at that point, it was just before his first song came out so it was £7 a ticket to see him 😂 that was the last birthday event that she paid for which is fair enough!

SaverDeals18 days ago

I think I will probably do birthday parties for my kids until they are in secondary school. Once they are there, they can make their own decisions about whether they would like us to organise a party for them.

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