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Black Friday Scam Websites


Black Friday is the UK's biggest day for online fraud.

If you find a website that you think is a scam, please share the URL here and we will check it for you using our Sherlock skills.

Please feel free to share deal / discount / freebie / competition related websites even if it's not quite Black Friday.

What do you think of this?
Tom7 months ago

Nakd - www.nakdbar.co.uk (no longer exists)

- Poor grammar and odd capitalisation e.g. "Limited Stock Available"

- Copied www.freenakdbar.com layout

- Domain registered to Rob Champion, who is an employee of the agency who created www.freenakdbar.com

Tom7 months ago

Chanel - www.chanelvelvet.co.uk

- Low res favicon

- Poor grammar throughout e.g. "One Thousand" instead of "1,000" and "enteries" rather than "entries"

- Direct mention to Debenhams to take voucher in. Chanel freebies are always samples through the post.

- Content taken straight from www.chanel.com

- Domain registration address is an incorrect version of Chanel's London Head Office. They've used 9-21 rather than 19-21 for the house no.

- In source, can see the layout is from muffingroup.com

- WordPress default comments haven't been deleted (wouldn't happen with 'real' site!)

- Voucher supposedly sent on 15th August - the same date that the Nakd bar giveaway closes (see below), and we started receiving complaints from people saying they then got unsolicited emails.

Tom7 months ago

Milkmade - www.milkmadeicecream.co.uk

- Poor grammar e.g. "flavors" and "by visiting nearest".

- Direct mention to ASDA, Tesco & Sainsbury's to go and use voucher - it's very unusual for brands to do this.

- Meta description not changed, so it's "Just another WordPress site" like Nakd & Chanel (see other comments)

- Content copied from www.milkmadeicecream.com

- The 'How do we do it' section is an low-res image created from text on the .com version

- Using Contact 7 form like Nakd & Chanel (I suspect same person every time)

Tom7 months ago

Buxomcosmetics.eu (no longer exists)

- It may come back but this looked like a scam

  • Asking people for details to send a freebie
Tom7 months ago

Braw Food - http://www.brawfood.co.uk

  • Default Wordpress theme
  • No option to buy the products
  • Only asks for your details to send you 'free sample'
Tom7 months ago

Kenya Tea Packers - ketepa.co.uk

  • No option to buy any of the products, only to get a 'free sample' if you share your details
  • No contact information.
  • I've reached out to the real company and am waiting for confirmation that the website is their's