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Are There Bots on This Website?

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I swear some of the comments on deals look like they were written by bots. I can't see how it would be the case because the whole membership system seems pretty robust. garygemmell have you noticed it?

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
topdealfinder3 months ago

Hi i dont think there are bots i personally believe they are automated messages and i think there are workers in officers working and checking deals posts competitions and comments.

3 months ago

Morning 🙂

We certainly don't allow (or want) any bots on LD 🛑🤖

If you spot someone acting suspiciously (odd and/or repetitive comments or otherwise) please do let us know so that we can look into it. Please drop us a message on the contact form rather than tagging us/them publicly. We're getting better at that ;) 👍

topdealfinder we have a lovely team of people who try to keep Latest Deals in tip top condition - improving deal titles/images etc. Certainly no office work at the moment though. Work from home brigade checking in 🙋‍♂️

Lynibis3 months ago

I would imagine some comments are written in a similar regimented way in order to get their 20 points for a comment. And who can blame them really but it would be nice if they tried to write something a little more original and interesting.

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