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Bottled Beer or Draught


i must say i prefer a real pint instead a bottle .. but its a bit scary going out to pubs these days plus to expensive whats your thoughts

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
ACR6 months ago

I prefer draught beer in pubs, but there are also plenty of good bottled beers available. Having both offers a wider selection to drinkers 🍻

davidstockport6 months ago

It's just over two years since I've set foot in any drinking establishment, it was two years before that since I'd been in any other (one pint in over 4 years).

Although I don't drink much at home I've got to like the ocasional bottled beer, I have a variety of different drinks, one I like is Banks's Amber Bitter from Aldi 89p for half a litre (that's the same quantity as a Wetherspoon's pint and not past its sell by date😀).

The prices some pubs are charging - I think their days are numbered. That last pint I had over two years ago was £3.80 and at some pubs in Manchester (so I've been told) it's over £8 a pint

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