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Cash Generator (Converters) is Also a Good Place to Buy Used Stuff From.


I used to use Cash Generator online a lot a few years ago, but they've slightly changed to the new name "Cash Converters".


Saw a Wii with AC and TV cable for £6 so decided to buy that, I'll just use it as a GameCube console or so. Though, you can get a complete without box Wii for £15/20.

Edit: Bought a GameCube with a game and cables for £17 on there too. I'll just resell in pieces on eBay, just for fun. 😆

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
Glitterandgold1 year ago

My OH uses cash converters all the time. Usually for Guitars / pedals / amps. It's often his first go to place for any electronics. He was gutted that the nearest local one to us is closing down as he's got some nice pieces from there over the years.

Original Poster
1 year ago

The prices are generally reasonable and straight forward on their website. There are deals to be had.

Whereas, on Shpock, I have to ask and then wait to see if the seller agrees with the price. I had one which he agreed to sell me a gaming console for £25 delivered, but then blocked me and I don't even know why. I wasn't disrespectful or anything.

Oh well. He had no feedback so it was better not to buy from him.

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