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Could anyone recommend a good recipe for chai lattes ive looked online but not sure what balance I want or what tea- is it worth doing a blend of say oolong and black or just cheap as chips loose tea? If anyone has a go to they love id really appreciate you sharing- also thoughts do you like?

11 days ago
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AgnesFaludi10 days ago

I can recommend 2 products Drink Me Chai Latte Tea Powder, you can get it from supermarkets, it can be used with hot water or hot milk. I do the last one because coffee shops use milk and put the chai powder in.

If u want tea https://www.teaindia.co.uk/ this brand is really good, also can be made with water or milk, they have different flavors. You can write them a nice email and they may send u samples to try.

jenidady10 days ago

I use chai tea bags (Twinnings spicy chai is nice), brew it then add sugar and milk. Works out a lot cheaper than using powders, although I did find some nice ones on clearance in Tesco the other day so worth keeping an eye out

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