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Shoppers Shocked To See Prime Energy Drink Prices Slashed To 49p At Heron Foods

  • Location and Pricing: Heron Foods in Bransholme Centre now offers Prime energy drinks at a mere 49p.
  • Public Reaction: Shoppers mock the drastic price drop of the previously expensive drink.
  • Background: Prime, developed by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, was once a high-demand item sold for up to £50.
  • Current Trend: Amidst an oversupply, prices plummet, drawing mixed reactions from consumers.

In a striking turn of events, Heron Foods located at Bransholme Centre has slashed the price of the once highly-coveted Prime energy drinks to just 49p. Originally part of an elite market, these drinks are now accessible at bargain prices, prompting a wave of both humor and disbelief among consumers.


Prime drinks, a brainchild of YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, emerged from the hype surrounding their boxing and subsequent promotions. Initially marketed as a premium product rivaling major beverage corporations, Prime featured a range of flavors like blue raspberry and tropical punch, gaining rapid popularity, especially among younger demographics.


Sayan Bose at The Sun highlighted the contrast from the drink's initial launch phase, where it retailed for as much as £1.99, causing fans to queue for hours and even resort to reselling at inflated prices online.

The price cut at Heron Foods marks a significant shift in the product's market position. Previously, other stores such as BrandMax in Nottinghamshire also reduced their prices, adding to the trend of devaluation amid an apparent supply glut. On social media platforms like Facebook Group, formerly known as Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, users shared their amusement and surprise at the drink's rapid fall from grace, with comments ranging from satirical jabs to outright disbelief at the new low price.

Tom Church, Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, commented, "This drastic price drop from £50 to 49p is a clear indicator of the volatile nature of trendy products. It reflects a broader market trend where initial hype can eventually lead to an oversupply, benefiting budget-conscious shoppers."

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Its still priced £1.49 at The Birkenhead Store


MargretBrady In my area it is priced at 99p in two different discounted shops. Both shops had loads of them.

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