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Hi :slight_smile: I wanted to pick a cool username but I clicked to quickly and I got my name instead, how can I get that changed? Thanks!

What do you think of this?
Kelsey8 months ago

Hi paulineninino welcome to LD :slight_smile:

I'm afraid you can't change your username at the moment (sorry!).

We are working on it though so, for now, I'd recommend you either hold on in there with your current username or, if you'd prefer, create a new account with the username you'd like.

Sorry about the bother - promise we'll have the ability to change usernames soon :thumbsup:

Tom6 months ago

We have now updated this so you can change your username once.

nemosays6 months ago

Oh yay... I change it now. :grinning:

Rockman6 months ago

Tom I still remember back on Pedlar when all the usernames were on lower lettercase, since mine looked a bit off as "rockman" I simply asked for a tiny edit and it was done.

Very satisfied with the positive vibe of the LD community (aside from the SavviBuy issue).