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What is peoples thoughts on the rules about Christmas bubbles during the 2020 Christmas Covid Truce?

I've found some rules which is....

The system means that between 23 and 27 December, people will be allow to gather in a Christmas bubble composed of people from no more than three households.

Everyone is allowed to form one but there are some key rules

You can only be in one Christmas bubble

You cannot change your Christmas bubble

Your Christmas bubble should not include people from more than three households

Children under 18 whose parents live apart can be in two separate bubbles, so they are able to see both

Students who have returned home to their families can be considered part of one household

Existing support bubbles can count as one household

Households can split to form their temporary Christmas bubbles, before forming a single household again once the window is over

If a care home resident is able to leave their home, they can form a bubble with one other household – but should not form a three-household bubble

Anyone else confused on how this would actually work, for example if I'm one house and parents another and wife's parents are another then us 3 could bubble together but my wife's sister whose a different house couldn't see us or her parents?

Also if a couple has 3 kids who have all moved out and want to visit for Christmas, then only 2 houses can come visit the parents to create 3 households?

If this is the case and i can see it going absolutely **** up and everyone in the uk might as well be one household lol

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig2 months ago

We will not be forming any bubbles with our family. We will all be staying in our own houses and not visiting each other.

Imnotcheap2 months ago

I would like my dad to come for Christmas dinner as he is on his own this year

TheChimp2 months ago

We all know where this is going to go and that's a third lockdown in the new year. And it's going to be worse than the other two.

I don't know why this is up for discussion tbh because we all know what's going to happen.

You might well see your parents/grandparents over Xmas, but you might be seeing them in a coffin come January

gerrykelly252 months ago

I thought this was going to be a discussion about the merits of various fizzy drinks Getsome! Cava v Prosecco 🥂....it is Friday ☺️

Ann19842 months ago

Covid is having a holiday for 5 days but coming back with a vengeance. If you choose to have a bubble then be prepared for sadness in new year. To be far family get togethers only end up with arguments due to the amount of alcohol people consume over the holidays.

mrgoggll2 months ago

I'm going a little dotty in my old age , I thought this was about baubles (?) Image

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