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Cinema Movie or Home Movie


I've not been to cinema in 18 years. What we do has a family we have movie nights . We have hot dogs, popcorn , and sweets. Do any of you still go to the cinema or do you have movie nights with the family.

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn9 months ago

I watch films at home now. I get some crisps or popcorn and watch it on the tv. Usually a film I've found for free online. It got too expensive to go the cinema. I haven't been to cineworld in a few years now. I will go to the local independent every now and again but I find films nowadays aren't much good and its a waste of money.

RegularComper909 months ago

You can't beat the comfort of your own home.

It's cheaper, you don't have to put up with noisy eaters chomping away on popcorn, no ads that last for 10 hours and you can pause the movie at any time if you may need to go to the toilet or something. 🙂

Rockman9 months ago

Would honestly prefer to watch at a theater but the movies they're playing is usually some formulaic superhero movie by Marvel/DC or a crappy comedy with the likes of Adam Sandler's taste.

So yeah, I'd rather just watch at home which gives me the advantage that no one bothers me while watching, can pause anytime to grab a snack or whatever and so on.

ACR9 months ago

I like both. There are certain films that work really well on a larger screen with a great sound system. A perfect example would be Gravity (2013) in IMAX 3D, which was really immersive and a thrilling ride. But, it's not great if there is a rude or noisy person/group seated nearby. There is also a huge markup on food & drink in cinemas, you are better off bringing some items with you if you're planning to eat. 🍫 🍿

MrsCraig9 months ago

We do both, although we have more home movie nights than going to the cinema. It is much cheaper, we can have whatever snacks we want and you can pause the movie when you need to go to the toilet or get a drink. When we do go to the cinema (about once/twice a year) we use our nectar points to pay for it.

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