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Climate Change


Are you scared for the upcoming summers as the heat seems to be ge unbearable and I hate it and this winter its not felt like winter where I am it’s been sunny everyday and not really cold I’m not complaining about that but it’s summer??

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
Mango42 months ago

I always believe that climate change is actually a natural progression , otherwise we would still be in the Ice Age.

I look forward to warmer summers , when I was at school back in the 70's we always seemed to have lovely long hot summers .

Regards of this winter so far we have had fairly mild temperatures but constant rain and storms where I live, so jealous that you have had sun everyday , overcast , grey , damp and miserable again where I am today.

Janhrrs2 months ago

Yes, I can't bear the hot summers and we do seem to have lost having a proper cold winter. I very very rarely put a jacket on and don't even possess a coat. I too remember the long hot summer holidays of the 70s but also remember having to dress up nice and warm to go out in the winter.

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