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Competitions Guideline Update #2

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Hello! A second competitions guideline update today following on from #1...

This is more of a clarification for something that has been in practice for a while, namely:

> Only post competitions that are live now. Not competitions that start in the future e.g. "You can enter this competition from X date (10 days in future)".

Upon review, it appears that there was some confusion about whether competitions set to begin at some point in the future were allowed or not. As a result, there were some mixed moderation decisions for which I apologise.

It was not in the Guidelines either way.

We feel it is probably best for the majority of compers if all the competitions listed on /competitions are live and working. i.e. You can apply for them right now.

If some are not, it messes up the Latest Deals feature of tracking which competitions you have entered: when you press 'Enter' you get that nice green tick to remember where you're at, but if it's not actually live yet, it's a pain to remove the tick and remember to come back to it.

And, by the time the competition is live, it's then buried on the list unable to be posted again.

We recognise some members will disagree with this. After all, if you find a competition you want to post it straight away! But if we may ask you to hold on to it until fellow compers are able to enter it, that would be great.

In the future, we may be able to develop some sort of scheduling system for future competitions not yet live. However, for now, we ask that all competitions posted are available to enter at the time of posting.

Thank you

Thank you again for your understanding. Latest Deals has grown into one of the UK's largest comping communities and the guidelines and moderation tools we built years ago need some polish - which is what we're working on now. We hope to have a more capable set of moderation explanations that give more guidance and constructive feedback when competition posts go into moderation to help support you - rather than the quite vague set we have now. Work in progress, but we're on the right track!

a year ago
What do you think of this?
Mrmaca year ago

Don't see the need to be honest. Isn't that what bookmarking is for ?

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