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Consumers' 5 Biggest Complaints Revealed

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I imagine 1 and 2 will always be an issue, usually down to people’s expectations and cow boys. The others are perhaps much more prevalent for this buying online

16 days ago
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BonzoBanana16 days ago

I was watching a video earlier about a Range Rover someone bought for £1,000 and the bloke that bought the range rover mentioned a previous purchase and sale where he got a cheap Porsche and sold it presumably at a good profit and the buyer was faced with a £9,000 bill shortly after purchase as the engine developed a massive fault. He was a private seller and the buyer did try to sue him but then realised the law was not on his side and it would not succeed. I was only watching another video on youtube just a couple of days ago about how dangerous it was to buy a s/hand Porsche, the model in question was known for a huge range of faults. The more complicated the car the better to go to a dealer with much greater protection. It might be 20% dearer but you at least have the law on your side if there is a fault.

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