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Do moderators bother to read the description before they remove something? Genuine question.

Header reads win £100 cash with answer - pulled as a duplicate when alleged duplicate header reads win £50 cash with a different answer. How would that be a duplicate ? I must be missing something. Almost as common an issue as pulling a post because its missing an answer - although within group rules.

I dont expect an answer. Lol

a year ago
What do you think of this?
TheChimpa year ago

I wouldn't worry about it, to be honest.

Thanks for the Monkey Island comp though 😉


Original Poster
a year ago

Nope. Didn't get that. Worrying is a bit of a stretch. Its a strange place here with strange people. Present company accepted The Chimp 😉

BORDERJOEa year ago

The first time I had something removed, I took it quite personally and felt peeved, now though, I tend to shrug and think -well, I pick up a fair few tips and links (no wins yet tho)- so I now try to forget it. I've given up on trying to get my Freebies badge as they kept being disallowed.

a year ago

Hi Mrmac 🙂

Please do email in any queries like this via the contact form so that we can investigate 👍

I have however just broken my own guidelines and had a quick cheeky look to see if I could work out what's going on 🙈

I would tend to agree that it appears the two competitions you shared are distinct, with different prizes and so I have put the competition back live.

We're currently doing our best to introduce new, clearer guidelines as to when something should be put into moderation. The end goal of this is to have a more consistent, fair approach across the board. Unfortunately new guidelines can sometimes introduce new uncertainty as to what is/isn't a duplicate - especially when we have a number of people looking at reports and it can sometimes come down to a judgment call. Please do bear with us and continue to send queries via the contact form. Often we receive a message via the contact form and think "Ah - hadn't thought about that scenario!" and then we try and brainstorm a) How it should be handled and b) How we can word the guidelines so that it's clear to both members and moderators.

Hope that all makes sense. I'm going to lock the topic now as an account support request but please shout if I can help in any other way!

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