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Should We Have a Dislike Button ?


See many deals here being posted as 'deals' but most of the time they are the normal price. With evey random 'deal' being posted here it's harder to actually find the real deals. Maybe we can have a dislike button where you lose a point for every dislike ?

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
davidstockport5 months ago

I've seen some "deals" where the price is actually higher than the RRP (quoted elsewhere)- I don't think it would be helpful if points were deducted from those posting them but some way of pointing them out (without starting WWlll) might be useful. It totally devalues this site as things are.

I initially found this site when looking for the "best price" on something I was looking for. I am sure others find it in the same way and are extremely disillusioned.

Rockman5 months ago

I've seen some deals here like that but I kinda stopped caring. When I used to point it out, the OP would get offended even though there was no reason to other than he was trying to promote a price more expensive than retail.

Not something worth getting bothered with, tbh.

5 months ago

Thanks for your post. This was written about recently here so merging the threads together -


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