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What Does a Deal Mean to You When Posting or Looking?

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When posting or looking for a deal are you looking for a deal which means that the item is on special offer, which is what I take it to mean, ie money off.

Or that it's good value ie 4 ice cream for a £1.00 for instance.

I have noticed people are posting and it's neither !

a year ago
What do you think of this?
ACRa year ago

If I'm looking to buy a specific product any discount is welcome. I wouldn't post a link for an item if it wasn't on some kind of offer.

Dennaba year ago

I am not posting much at all currently as it would go against my views on essential purchases. However, I will post a product on here if I think it saves money for fellow members and isn't a run of the mill offer like a pack of Mr Kiplings cakes for a quid because they're always on offer. I used to put a lot of deals on HUKD and only ever posted what I thought nobody else would have easily found. On there, if you post a crap deal, you know about it.

The trouble is you will get your 100 points or whatever it is for posting a pack of biscuits with a saving of 10p on here so there will always be people who post it. Instead of looking at that deal and thinking; actually that pack of biscuits are always that price, people just hit like because they like biscuits. There's much less criticism of deals on here which is all nice and pleasant but it does mean some of the stuff is not even the cheapest online, let alone a particularly good deal.

With the good value argument, I think that's fine if it's something people probably don't know about. A pack of ice creams for a quid though is something we all know exists unless we've been living in a cave for the past 10 years.

Ann1984a year ago

I mostly post deals with discounts I don't bother with supermarket deals unless it's a massive reduction like bedding homeware

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