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Dr Who - Thoughts?

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Dr Who - Thoughts?

So, Dr Who is on soon, now I think the current doctor is good, and I can't wait - what's your thoughts?

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
blacklabrador6 months ago

I have a nasty feeling the BBC are growing bored with it.

First, they moved the regular series from Saturday to Sunday nights, and usually the Christmas special is on Christmas or Boxing day.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's not around in a year or two.

CaroleBallard6 months ago

Well, I've just watched it and thought it was interesting - The Master... course it is 😃

RegularComper906 months ago

I have always thought Doctor Who is overrated and couldn't understand why everyone seems to like it. It's the same with Games Of Thrones and Love Island. 😀

MrsCraig6 months ago

I used to love Dr Who but I haven't seen any since Peter Capaldi left. I watched them all again on Netflix during mat leave. Haven't seen any of the series with the new female dr though.

BonzoBanana6 months ago

What little I've seen of the latest Dr Who shows poor scripts and a childish approach to scifi in my opinion. I found the early series of Dr Who much better even though they were starved of money and effects back then in the sixties were incredibly basic somehow the stories seemed better.

I ditched the tv license because of the lack of decent scifi from the BBC. It just seemed an incredible waste of money and for me Dr Who is a poor series although admittedly the recent War of the Worlds mini-series was even worse and also had a script that made little sense.

It's probably been about 2 years now just over since I ditched the TV license and disconnected my aerial and have not missed the BBC at all.

In my viewpoint you make programs when you have a great script and when the stories run out you move onto a new project. So many series go on too long when the ideas have run out.

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