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What Face Mask Do You Recommend?

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Now we are going to need face masks can anyone advise the best ones to buy. Which brands. Should I go down the disposable route or the washable ones. Do some feel more comfortable than others. Any advice appreciated.

20 days ago
What do you think of this?
Golfforall20 days ago

First you must understand that the wearing of face masks/coverings is to protect other people not the wearer . So in effect you are not trying to keep any virus out but keep it in . Obviously if we all wear masks of any description then the virus stops spreading .

Given that none of the masks (except the expensive clinical masks ) are any more than a covering you might as well find a mask that is comfortable to wear .

I have gone for 100% cotton masks , reusable and washable https://www.latestdeals.co.uk/deals/cotton-reusablewashable-face-masks-pack-10-amazon-977 . Received in 2 days are comfortable (ish) and wash fine at 60C (the recommended temperature to kill any nasties) .

I've ordered another 10 and have them in little plastic bags in the car ,various coat and jeans pockets . I'm pretty sure that at under £1 each they will work out cheaper than disposable ones that get all soggy and damaged after one use.

sam3020 days ago

I do agree with a reusable one. Disposable ones can work out quite expensive considering we don’t know how long this will continue.

gerrykelly2520 days ago

I bought some disposable and some washable. I have found the disposable ones tend to travel up to my lower lashes and I’m constantly tugging them down. They are light to wear though. The washable tend to sit better on my face, but they feel a bit heavier.

If you have to travel on public transport regularly, the washable ones will be more cost effective.

jigsawx3x20 days ago

Just got back from Scotland and already they wear face masks to go in shops now in England it's going to be easier for me to come to terms with it I go for washable

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