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How to find price glitches on Steam (video games)


Steam, the video game marketplace, releases information about its own price glitches.

These price glitches are caused by currency differences:

I'm late to the party in discovering this as it was released in 2015, but I thought I'd share anyway.

How do you find price glitches on Steam?

Steam is a large video game marketplace. It has a separate website where it gives information about its database.

On this separate website, steamdb.info, there's a page showing price glitches.

What are the price glitches?

The games available change daily. You can see a list of 50+ games where there is a discrepancy in the prices being charged in different currencies of more than 79%.

In other words, a game may be £1 in GBP, but £0.21 in Columbian Pesos.

Usually, this is a mistake. Rather than hide it, Steam seems to want to show its gamers and allow them to take advantage - should you wish.


How do I get the price glitch?

It seems that once you find a game that you're interested in with a price glitch, you have to manually search for it in the desired currency on the Steam marketplace.

Note from Tom

I'm not a user of Steam and would appreciate any feedback and extra notes on this. Perhaps I have it completely wrong. Rockman?

over a year ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarcover a year ago

Hey Tom, I don't use Steam very much so I can't help although it's worth noting that publishers and Steam-related gaming websites give free gaming keys daily.

Dreadover a year ago

Paying with different currencies in Steam will get your account banned and you will lose all your games. It is against the terms and enforced (aswell as some being region locked or not in English). Steamdb is good though for when sales are on to see all the cheap offers in the UK store. It can also come in handy for seeing prices people should be charging who sell the games on Steam Trades.

Anybody on Steam looking for cheap games goes to Steam Trades.


Needs to be someone with high reputation so you know they are trustworthy and can pay via paypal or TF2/Dota keys.

A sister site of Steam Trades is Steam Gifts. You can enter lots of giveaways of games by Steam users and give games away yourself.


Want to know how long it will take you to clear your Steam backlog ? Just enter your Steam name. For mine it is 14208 continuous hours, the equivalent of watching Star Wars: A New Hope 7045 times.


Want to know how much your account is worth ? Use the Steamdb calculator.


If you collect cards from the games then a program called IdleMaster will farm the cards for you so you can just sell them and make profit.


A good addition to the browser to make the Steam site better is Enhanced Steam. Adding extra touches like price history and lowest price.


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