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GCSE and A-Levels to Be Teacher Graded in England Again

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What are your thoughts on this.

My son went through it last year and came out with some good results.

I don't see how they can give the grades any fairer way to be honest.

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
Imnotcheap3 months ago

My daughter "done" her GCSE last year she got good results but we felt she could have done better if she did the exams. Her AS will be teacher assessed this year I'm hoping she will get to sit the A levels 🤞 it is the fairest they can do unfortunately

Golfforall3 months ago

TBH I don't think there is much option this year . Unfortunately as schools and indeed teachers are "rated" on their pupils results it does result in teachers and schools in effect "marking their own homework " to improve their results .

After all the mayhem and regrading last year we ended up with a universal overgrading of results and by far the most intelligent cohort of pupils ever ? Really ? !

We have to give all kids life chances through education so it is important not to rule too many out of further education , but it is equally important not to totally throw away common sense and overgrade virtually all pupils as happened last year .

Its a very complicated subject and I just hope they have a transparent system ready for this year . There will never be moans about pupils getting inflated grades but they then have to live up to those grades in University or further education , sadly many will be unable to do so .

Grannyclock3 months ago

It won’t do any pupils any good to have their grades inflated. Hopefully the grades will be moderated to ensure some sort of parity across schools.

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