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Government Raises Universal Credit and Housing Benefit

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The government has increased housing benefit and universal credit so the Local Housing Allowance will cover at least 30% of market rents.

Almost £7bn is being pumped into welfare to protect people’s incomes.

Universal credit is being increased by £1,000 a year, with the standard allowance of £323.22 a month for a single person and £507.37 for couples being raised for 12 months.

Working Tax Credit is being raised by the same amount.

Jon Sparkes, chief executive of Crisis, said: “We warmly welcome the steps government are taking to create a proper safety net through the welfare system that protects families from losing their homes.

The move to increase housing benefit so that it covers the bottom third of rents will ensure that people are not pushed into homelessness during this outbreak.

“The need for this cannot be understated – families must have the security of a safe, permanent home.”

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s shadow chancellor said: “The Chancellor has shifted direction but unfortunately not far enough or fast enough.

“The government must give people the economic security to stay at home by lifting the level of Statutory Sick Pay, but it appears that the government hasn’t done that today.

“Sick pay is being left at a level that the health secretary said he could not live on, yet this is what the self-employed are being asked to get by on.”

Acting Lib Dem leader Ed Davey said: “The government’s actions today show just how threatening coronavirus is to our economy and our society.

“Whilst the package for employees is welcome, Liberal Democrats are worried that far too little is being done for the self-employed, for those on zero hours’ contracts or for those on statutory sick pay and benefits

6 days ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi6 days ago

They completely forgot about the middle class on private rent....they put everyone into this situation and they do not give us work.

Why they not help everyone?

Again just the very rich lucky not to pay mortgage for months on who knows how many of their properties and the poor gets help...

And who will pay for all of this money when there is no Magic Money Tree, how May used to tell....but now seems like we could just vote to Greens and go with everything what they wanted, because there is money.

My feeling is that Boris made huge mistakes in the last weeks...and the next week people will start to fall in huge numbers and I already know he will just point on the scientific adviser....how science can be different than everywhere else. WHO said test, test, test....UK does the opposite.... I feel like my human rights are damaged

People who have 0 hour contract will need to apply for benefit. When they told HMRC knows all your details...I nearly fall to ground from giggling...I needed to fill up 30pages to get maternity allowance and attach a lots of proof, that is what waiting for everyone in this country....and it take them 3 months to decide on it....yeah reality slaps back.

What have been done is far from enough!

Ann19846 days ago

AgnesFaludi agree with you nothing for working class or for the people who get tax credit top up but no working credits it’s always the others

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