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H2S Rail Project £106 Billion

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The HS2 rail link is probably going to get thr go ahead today and will employ around 50,000 people but is the £106 Billion costs worth it.

14 days ago
What do you think of this?
AliceBell6446814 days ago

To be honest I think the amount it is costing is ridiculous, I bet by the time it’s finished it would have cost £250 billion with the way the costs keep going up and up! And you wonder how many people will actually use it because they will probably end up charging really expensive fares!

BonzoBanana14 days ago

At the beginning of last year we had public sector debts of 1.8 trillion and currently for every income tax payer £2,000 of their tax approximately per year is used to pay just the interest of that debt, i.e. we pay about £60 billion a year in interest on that debt. We have left the EU with a huge reduction in industry and a huge level of debt, much of our assets and industry is foreign owned and we need to make the UK more competitive for exports and stop importing so much its madness to borrow more for such a project especially as much of the money will be going to foreign companies. I can't get my head around the stupidity of this. They will have to borrow even more to pay for it, it makes no sense at all. The chances of this bringing a net return to the exchequer over the long term is zero especially with all the added interest of borrowing all this money. We need a people's vote for this and I'm pretty sure 99% of people would vote against it when they realise the cost per person.

I'm all for infrastructure investments but those that work towards reversing our trading deficit not stupid projects like this. This will benefit very few but cost everyone a huge amount. If it did overshoot its costs to lets say £150 billion that's £5,000 of taxes for every income tax payer for the project before you add the ongoing interest for that debt. That's £5,000 that can't be spent on the NHS, Police etc unless they borrow even more. Lunacy in my opinion.

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