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Having Lived with Tinnitus for Weeks Was Agonizing.


This happened at the very beginning of January while I was asleep, and then around 3AM I woke up with a horrible noise in my head — Turns out it was tinnitus, and during the early days of it it was almost insufferable as I could barely hear anything other than the cursed noise.

The next day I visited a hospital around 7AM, the doctress gave me a list of meds to buy and of course, I'd need to take each day and at precise hours. Did it worked after all? I guess it helped because now I no longer hear that painful noise.

Some people are unfortunate as they have to literally live with this since their childhood or so, and it's not something they, I or anyone can control. The only thing you can do is be careful and not damage your hearing.

This illustration sheds some light on it for those who don't know much about it:


2 months ago
What do you think of this?
tumblespots2 months ago

I have had tinnitus for over a year now so late last year I went to the GP. She sent me to Specsavers where I had a hearing test (which was fine) and was fitted with hearing aids. Most of the time it is better but I am hoping that after about a year I won't need them at all as I have heard from others that this is what happened to them. 🤞 🐞

ShellyAnn2 months ago

I had it for nearly 20 years! I went to a Jerry Cantrell gig in a small club in Wales; this was back when Alice In Chains were disbanded and Jerry had his solo career going on. He had a wall of marshalls thinking he was onstage in a arena I think. I got Tinnitus from it. Mostly my left ear. I had to get used to it. Went to GP about it. He didn't care. Stupid young women in early 20s goes to gig and stands by speaker; that's her problem. I was never given anything for it. I got used to it, I guess.

rls2 months ago

I'm 39 and for as long as I can remember I have had tinnitus. I was officially diagnosed when I was around 7 years old after my third op on my ears. Silence I can't deal with because it makes the white noise squealing worse. I do have hearing problems and where my husband is concerned selective deafness

KirsteyJames2 months ago

Ive had it for a few years but ive gotten used to it. I have sensory issues with sound anyway so its not so bad compared to all the other noises. Its worst at night when everything is quieter 🙈

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