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Hounding Supermarket Staff for Reductions to Food

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I have seen this a few times where people will pick up items and then chase down a member of staff to reduce food that is due to go out of date - sometimes the staff members comply, but then most of the time staff will refuse to reduce the food

I'd be too embarrassed to do this myself

Have you seen this happen?

a year ago
What do you think of this?
AliceBell64468a year ago

I don’t think I have seen anyone do it for food that is going out of date, but I have seen and complained myself about broken or incomplete items to receive a discount 🙂

RiannonWooda year ago

Ive never seen this done i wouldn't mind it being brought to their attention but hounding staff for a discount is not how I would do it also discounts happen at the end of the day so if you really want a bargain come then

Mango4a year ago

Seen people hanging around the fridges where they put reduced items waiting for staff to reduce the items down further, but never actually seen anyone chase a member of staff asking for a reduction

gerrykelly25a year ago

I have seen it happen several times ptenn00. If you happen to be in the supermarket at the time when they reduce fresh produce, it can be mayhem. I have seen physical fights break out over frozen turkeys! It’s a shame for the poor member of staff with the reducing gun!

BonzoBananaa year ago

I was in Morrisons once and the reduced cabinet had the same bloke there waiting for new offers for the entire shop which was maybe 45 minutes, each time I thought I'd go back to have a proper look when he had moved on but he was still there. I think he worked nearby and pretty much came into Morrisons straight after work as I overheard part of a conversation. I was back into the store the next day as I'd received a £5 voucher at the till and he was there again at a similar time. He was definitely keen on being the first to see the reductions. He wasn't totally blocking the cabinet but it was awkward to see all the reductions fully. It looked really awkward for the staff as I'm sure they didn't want to offend him but he clearly did a manual job as was quite dirty and wore a high viz jacket that was scratched and dirty he wasn't doing much for the image of the store.

I went into my local Coop store about a week or so ago and bought many of their short life reductions. In fact the whole purchase came to about £1.40 and yet filled about 1.5 bags. I actually felt guilty that not a single item was normal price.

Ann1984a year ago

This is every night in my local supermarkets and its same people every night one couple have been seen spending over 2 hours waiting for reduction

LeighReidAtanasa year ago

I haven’t seen this happen but I have seen people hassle staff in the supermarket that are putting reduced items on stuff they don’t even manage to get it on the shelf before it’s snatched out their hand

Letgetfreestuffa year ago

I have tried before but I usually get the response that they will aheb to put it together with the other out-of-date-items and they will do the reductions later on in the day. It's annoying but I they don't get paid enough do I get it

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