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Anyone has one of those purple hysteria trees/plants.

How do you maintain it, water it, feed it.

I tried once and failed but was curious as I just love seeing them outside houses....

a year ago
What do you think of this?
SuzJa year ago

Wisteria? We had one in our old house but we inherited it, never put any maintenance into it, it just looked after itself. It's something we're hoping to do again so will watch this thread with interest!

ShellyAnna year ago

I can't say I do nor have I ever grown any so I don't know, sorry.

Johnnya year ago

For Wysteria, the basics are:

  • Room. Plant them about 3 feet away from your wall or fence.
  • Position/ Sun. Best on a south sun-facing wall.
  • Support. Fix strong wires to the wall to support its weight as it grows.
  • Compost. Dig in plenty of compost when planting.
  • Pruning. Prune in July or August cutting back the new whippy stems to about 6 leaves from ripened wood. Prune again in late December by trimming these shoots back to two buds.
  • Feed. Feed in spring with rose fertiliser (Not nitrogen rich fertiliser).
  • Water. Water well in dry weather until established. It’s dry next to house walls!
  • Patience. They can be slow to get going.
  • Pruning. Don’t overlook the pruning!


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