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Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Baby on the way and 2 big dogs - not at all aggressive but a tad too friendly at times..

27 days ago
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HollyDolly2227 days ago

my dogs kinda backed off and settled down with the new babies, and then kinda sat next to me thats when i showed them the baby and they had a sniff and licked her feet.

super slow but my dogs are only small.

lilyflower27 days ago

We had a chocolate lab who was 4 when my son was born and we were a bit concerned that she might feel pushed out. She had a good sniff (while on lead) the day I came home and I continued to make a fuss of her when making fuss of baby. Outcome - son used her as a baby walker, sat on her back, pulled her tail, teats, rolled her lips to look at teeth and not one snack or growl and she was very protective of him. He called her Sas (her name was Tara) and they were the best of friend for next 8 years.

MrsCraig27 days ago

Get them used to the sound of a baby crying by putting the sound on every so often so that when they hear it, it is normal and won't startle them. Put the moses basket in the living room so they get used to seeing it, so won't be as interested when baby arrives. Put baby items around the house so they are used to seeing them. Make sure that they have a space which is just theirs. Make sure to still do the things you used to with them, so still them for walks at their normal time or at a different time to work to babies schedule. Let the dogs see the baby when born, let them sniff some of his clothing so they know what he smells like and that he isn't a threat.

Our dog took one look inside the baby box and stayed next to it the whole time and anyone other than me and my husband that went to close got growled at! The 2 of them are the best of friends.

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