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Japan's Land Doesn't Seem Very Habitable


They got struck with another quake recently so it makes me wonder, that being someone who appreciates and loves what the Japanese do, should have Japan been located somewhere else? Probably.

It really looks as though the land that Japan is in doesn't appear to be usable ground for people to live on. Also, I think I read somewhere that Japan in the past was once physically connected to Asia but part of the land submerged making it an island.

The footage below, was recorded in 2011:

hspexy happy to hear your thoughts on this, if you have any to share. ^_^

P.S. Hoping that Japan gets a break (no pun intended) from all those natural disasters. 😞 When mother nature strikes, there's really not a whole lot you can do other than pack your essentials and get on your car (or yacht/heli, if you have one) and leave.

11 months ago
What do you think of this?
hspexy11 months ago

Lol thanks For the invite!

Though I do enjoy my visits to Japan, I’d never choose to live there. Geographically, the islands are placed in an area prone to natural disasters, along with the other countries and islands in those region that make them lovely places to visit, but a headache to reside in long term

Furthermore the nuclear/radiation levels in Japan is a danger for those exposed long term. They can’t really grow anything on their land. And I don’t trust their economic situation either - the yen stays very high even at times where you’d expect dramatic fluctuations

However, I love the wealth of the culture and the hospitality of the people - no matter how many disasters strike the country, or personal tragedies, I would never find a Japanese person taking it out on anyone else. They are a resilient society and just get on with it, making most of a bad situation (just seeing video footages of how commuters deal with derailed trains during rush hour is an example)

And then there is their conduct during the World Cup - it almost brought tears to my eyes

So it’s very sad to see that they’re suffering at the moment, and I hope it ends soon. But knowing them, it just makes them more prepared to take on whatever happens next


JandE8611 months ago

Japan has always been in one of my list to go for a holiday.. It's expensive tbut then reading articles and watching some documentaries regarding Japan. It's really worthwhile to go there.. sadly like my Mother country the Philippines, both our locations are prone to calamities and typhoons.... sad that this happens however through the years I admire Japan for it's fast recovery and am sure like this calamities will only make them more determined... Japan side by side with Singapore have always been fast in economy growth and has been recognized worldwide... It's just unfortunate these things happens even in USA where my poet friend lives and she it's like days that they don't have power and they are flooded... Hopefully all will be well soon..

ACR11 months ago

Japan may be more prepared for these types of events than any other country. Strict building regulations, government preparedness, regular earthquake drills in schools, etc have helped save many lives. If this had taken place in another country the death toll would have likely been significantly higher. The Japanese have adapted to the environment and are constantly doing research into improving safety standards and early earthquake prediction - there is an app that lets you know an earthquake is on the way, but currently doesn't give you much notice. They accept the risk and get on with things. For example, the residents of Kagoshima live close to a very active volcano, that regularly throws out clouds of ash. Consequently, school children wear helmets to help protect them from the occasional falling rock 🌋

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