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John Lewis Broadband - Changing My Terms and Conditions


This is weird, I've only been with John Lewis Broadband a couple of months and they are changing my pricing so I'm free to leave the contract if I inform them within a month. However I have already received my £40 John Lewis voucher (in fact I've got a waitrose shop coming today that was mainly paid using it) and also received the £42.50 cashback from topcashback that is already in my bank a/c. I also have the new router that was supplied (that's a bit rubbish though being an older model). I don't understand why they would change my conditions if it allows me to walk away within the first year. I might add the increase in price is only 30p a month?!

I'm scratching my head why they haven't ignored this increase during my first year. So I can basically lose £3 or I can gain about £100 of goodies and move to another provider in a month or so. Strange company who seem to be a bit clueless. I'm thinking of going to the dark side on this.

19 days ago
What do you think of this?
Original Poster
17 days ago

Well I contacted John Lewis broadband (plusnet) and they said I was free to move without penalty straight away so will be doing that. As I was only just with Now previously I can't go back to them as within 12 months and many are connected like Plusnet, Sky etc. Still there are 3 or 4 good deals out there.

Mango416 days ago

Quite common with lots of companies thou , I have had this happen with Sky & BT. If the price increase is unacceptable all you can do is move to another provider, personally I have always let it go because it's usually pennies and it's quite a bit of hassle to move and get things right I find.

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