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Leaving Dogs at Home


Do you leave your dog/dogs at home for how long? How old are they I have 2 cockapoo pups who won’t stop barking when we leave and we’re concerned as they fight sometimes it can get nasty

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
gerrykelly252 months ago

Our dog howls if she is left on her own in the house, but settles for hours in the car. We therefore usually bring her with us whenever we can. She is a rescue dog and was used to being out all day in a works van with her previous owner.

We used Adaptil calming plug ins for a dog we had before Lola and she settled okay. We also used to leave the TV or radio on for her.

chelseaturpin2 months ago

No other choice to leave our dogs at home and were only left at home for 2-3 hours at most. They're usually with us and are not left on their own for longer than a couple of hours and not left on their own on a regular basis.

ellenmcmurchie2 months ago

Is there a chance you could separate them? I bought Fenaway plug in and a spray for my daughters cats and dog and it really did help. Maybe going to dog training if they are pups....get some expert advice if they sometimes fight....i hope you get it sorted....it must be so stressful for you.

BonzoBanana2 months ago

I've never had a dog as always felt it would be wrong to leave it at home for many hours on its own. I have two cats and they are certainly happy enough left but would feel cruel with a dog. I know some dogs are better than others and nowadays there are gadgets that you can talk to them remotely but still it feels wrong.

Janhrrs2 months ago

We have 2 dogs and sometimes they have to be left on their own for a day, we try to avoid but not always possible. They stay in the kitchen where there is a sofa they lay on, we always make sure they have an hour running round the fields before we go, that there is plenty of water and if we do come home to an accident accept it's down to us not them. We have a Collie and a Huskamute so both active dogs but show no signs of distress on occasions they have been left, neighbour has never heard them and they are just happy to see us when we get home.

Glitterandgold2 months ago

Our dog is left alone at times, sometimes theres no choice. When we are all out he just lays down & sleeps until we get home. I would start by leaving them alone in a room together for a couple minutes & slowing build up to leaving house.

RuthSwain2 months ago

We have 2 Labradors, 1is a cuddly idiot and the other has separation anxiety and is a cuddly idiot. When we come in they jump and fuss about, but we never fuss them until we're ready and they're calm. With leaving them you have to do it slowly if they bark and increase the length you're gone each time, but never fuss them straightaway when you get in

sarahgreen152 months ago

I have two dogs, one of which is 11 and has urinary incontinence - she is a rescue who was left without water so she drinks a LOT now to make up for it, meaning she needs to go out for a wee at least once every 4-5 hours. I work part time so i never leave my dogs more than 5 hours a day. If we’re going out for longer, I get someone to let them out.. I don’t agree with people owning dogs to leave them by themselves all day, what kind of life is that for them...

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