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Money Life Hacks for the End of the Month?

Money Saving

I barely scrape by every month before my paycheck and learnt to do a few things so that I lived comfortable whilst having a low balance.

Please note: I don't have children to care for, or anything like a car, so maybe put a few more tips and tricks you do to help you get by.

I always: 1. Make use of any freebies they are giving away at work. My work has been offering us IrnBrus for free, and despite the fact that I won't drink one everyday, I sure do take a few for the upcoming months.

  1. Go through my food cupboards/ fridge freezer thoroughly (theres always something at the back!)
  1. When travelling (not at COVID time), consider sometimes walking part the way instead. If a colleague offers you a lift TAKE IT.
  1. Have an occasion and don't have suitable clothing - ask a friend. Unfortunately all my friends are much smaller than me, but sometimes I ask for them to do my hair, or if I could borrow a bag, some jewellery etc.
  1. Fancy a takeaway? Use the app Too Good To Go to get heavily discounted food.
  1. Need free food? Use the App Olio to pick up free food locally & be sure to try and give back when/if you can

Any other money saving tips and tricks yous have out there? Put them down below, I'd LOVE too see them!

20 days ago
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MrsCraig20 days ago

Bulk cooking helps save money as it means we aren't wasting food. Any food that is leftover is eaten the next day or used in a different way.

If there is a yellow sticker item that you actually need and you can freeze it then buy it.

When you need something new, look on freecycle to see if someone is giving it away for free or look on fb marketplace to get it 2nd hand as it is cheaper.

When you no longer need an item, sell it on.

Look for free activities in your local area.

If going out always take food and drink with you so you aren't buying it when out.

If you have friends or family with older children then ask them to pass down items when they are finished with them.

Get a shower puff, it makes soap or shower gel last longer.

Add water to the last of your washing up liquid/liquid soap/shampoo/shower gel to get the last of it out.

Cut the end off of tubes like toothpaste to get the rest of it out.

Turn your thermostat down and put a jumper on. Also leave your oven door open after cooking to heat the kitchen up.

Repair clothes where possible.

Pjran20 days ago

Don’t buy liquid soaps just refill with washing up liquid Or better still use a hard bar of soap.

Nadiaparveen20 days ago

Make use of Grocery apps which give you some money back after you shop for specific items on offer on greenjin, shopmium, etc..

Also I recently have been using this app called sweatcoin... sweatcoin is a good app which pays you for walking.. so you can be walking to work or going for a walk in the park and they will convert your steps into sweatcoins .. which inturn you can use to buy offers they give all just for walking. It's a great app as it gets you moving and healthy.

Get paid for your receipts by using apps such as huyu and shoppix.. eventually all your receipts add up towards PayPal/Amazon vouchers.. which you can save up or use right away for a treat or a top-up

You can make your own homemade disinfectant spray by using lemon juice with some water

If you have your own garden area you can grow your own veg or if you don't have a garden you can use use your windowsill to grow fresh herbs 😍😍

Lynibis20 days ago


I wouldn't be doing the 5th no1 if I needed to use the 6th no1.

Always make extra when doing stews, Bolognese, curry etc and freeze.

Grate cheese, it goes a lot further.

Freeze stale bread for breadcrumbs, toast, fried slice etc.

Blanch , cool and freeze veg you don't think you will use before it spoils.

Don't buy expensive coffee from starbucks, costa etc, invest in a flask.

Bulk buy stuff that can be frozen when it's on offer, i.e. Butter.

In fact bulk buy anything if the saving is good!

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