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Motor Biking on a Pushbike

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I know he broke the law but you have to give him credit for ingenuity

And as he said some electric bikes go more than twice the speed as his modified bike and dont need any insurance etc

I think the fact it was fuel driven and could be a fire hazard didnt help


12 days ago
What do you think of this?
rossruby197712 days ago

Ha cool design. I like to when someone makes homemade stuff shows a good talent, those electric bikes and normally push bikes I think people should have insurance for anyways.

But that’s defiantly a motor bike of sort now.

I’d ride it Image

BonzoBanana12 days ago

Legal ebikes can only assist up to 15.5mph/25kph but many ride illegal ebikes which go beyond that, the issue is they are more difficult to prosecute because you have to test the ebike. This bike is clearly using a petrol engine so completely easy to spot by any policeman.

I've watched videos of conversions of bikes with these small petrol motors and they don't have a huge amount of torque. They go fast on the flats but don't offer much grunt up hills certainly far less than many ebikes. An interesting little project but not much in the way of practical applications.

Original Poster
12 days ago

For some reason it reminds me of jasper carrots funky moped song

neo112 days ago

I guess he would have needed an MOT too which it would have failed anyway which in turn would have made the insurance he didn't have in the first place null and void

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