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NHS Privatisation

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What do we think about the NHS going private if it ever does hope not though I wouldn’t want it to do you want it to?

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
Username501087 months ago

I wouldn't want it to be privatised but wouldn't mind if it stopped becoming free as it would stop a lot of people that go for silly things that can be treated at home, would also stop freeloaders who come to the UK just for treatment, would cut down on wasted appointments etc. I know a lot of people may not be able to afford it but would hope it would be subsidised and if you needed long term treatment then it would be free

Glitterandgold7 months ago

I think its obvious that at some point, at least parts of the NHS are going to become privatised. As much as I dislike the thought I think its eventually inevitable. I wouldn't like to see it become entirely private. I would hope severe / life time / long term illness will always be free.

MumOfThree7 months ago

It already is in way - those with private medical already skip the queue and area not subject to waiting lists.

BonzoBanana7 months ago

I think one of the main motivations of americans to succeed is how far you can fall in that society with horrible ghetto areas with high crime and no healthcare for your family, its pretty horrific to say the least. As our country becomes poorer then there is a real risk of the NHS becoming more limited and some sections of it becoming privatised with no option but to pay, these could be any type of cosmetic surgery, gender treatment etc anything that could improve your life but isn't life threatening. Also many very high cost drugs will not be available we see this already but will keep being extended.

For me knowing the people you love have health care is far more important than consumer goods, holidays etc I would always prioritise the NHS but I know it has many inefficiencies but these are mainly logistically and not related to the doctors and nurses. The NHS seems to waste a huge amount of money in how it buys goods and buys far too much from abroad which could be sourced or produced in the UK. All this nonsense about leasing hospitals from private companies is ridiculous too where the tax payer over the long term has to pay more, that is wasted money, short term-ism is a major issue in the poor management of this country.

MartinBluck7 months ago

Parts of the NHS are already being privatised, unfortunately. I hope that it never becomes totally private; this is what the Conservatives want (profit before people).

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