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November the 5th.


Do any one still go to a fire work show. Now a days. We use to have them. But for the last 4 years they have stopped doing them. I do miss it. And I do know that it's not good for our pets. Here after Halloween there's nothing doing untill new years eve. Because here in Scotland some people do not celebrate Christmas some do and some don't. 🎆✨🎇

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
Tasha0429 months ago

Aww that's sad really. My dog isn't bothered by fireworks but my old dog used to hide under a table shaking all night. It was terrible for her. Halloween does stress him out though. He hates people knocking the door, makes him very on edge. I usually go to fireworks but I don't especially like them. My daughter's a bit scared of them too, she doesn't like the noise.

AgnesFaludi9 months ago

Long time ago I went one with my grandparents. It meant to be a big firework end of the celebration made by the city, but it blasted on the ground and looked like we are under attack in a war. We just went home and since this I do not go to fireworks. I think it is waste of money, which could go towards to something good.

MrsCraig9 months ago

We still have firework displays. There is normally one at our local park and there are quite a few around where we live. My mum used to take me to the big display in Elgin every year and it was fantastic. The fireworks were amazing, there were sparklers, toffee apples, it was a big event. Never been to our local one, but we can see all the fireworks from our front door, so we don't bother going. My dog doesn't seem to be afraid of the fireworks, she just barks at them when they go off.

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