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How Often Do You Shop for Groceries?


How often do you shop for groceries? Do you tend to stock up for an entire week or just buy enough for the day?

5 months ago
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MrsCraig5 months ago

We shop for groceries every 10-14 days. We stock up for the week as we have a young baby. Online shopping has become our best friend!

RegularComper905 months ago

I do my main shopping once a week, and buy the odd bits and pieces on other days of the week.

nicoledbradburn5 months ago

once a week but if necessary I buy bits at end of the week, as I don't drive I can't carry all the big stuff

together like clothes washing powder, bleaches, lenor, Calgon liquid,dettol and I buy abit to stock for future.

I have a trolley but pulling it up on the bus with a lot of stuff like that is so hard MOST bus drivers see me as a young women and think am fine or just watch me struggling!

I don't mind if 1/2 heavy stuff in my shopping trolley I can manage and it's not a problem pulling it up on the bus.... its when its really heavy so I use online shopping for big stuff

even small stuff if on discount like handwashes, shampoo are a good price I get afew and stock it and afew meat goes in the freezer with 1/2 fishes

if am unwell as well

I use Tesco or asda online shopping and use the same routine...

MumOfThree5 months ago

I do a big shop once a month, buy big bag of broken basmati and bulky things that don't go off quickly! I then do a weekly shop for fresh fruit and veg. I also work next door to a big aldi so often pop in there too for bread and fruit to top up!

Pjran5 months ago

I try to do a weekly shop keeping fruit and veg in the fridge to make it last longer. Also tend to shop at Waitrose as they send me vouchers, £8 off a £40 shop. I received some again today so that keeps me loyal to them but I do get hubby to pick up milk and special offers in other supermarkets. I need to send him to Sainsbury’s just to stock up Gold Blend espresso instant coffee as it’s half price.

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