PDM Games Review - Is it a scam?


Hey everyone, have you shopped at PDM Games? Is it a legitimate company? Have you read any reviews? Or is it a scam?

They list products and in my research consistently come up as cheaper, but it seems too good to be true. Have you had any experience with them?

Jackinatorz6923 days ago

Some people here reporting they were scammed by PDM Games: http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=7660571.html

Another Savvibuy?

Tom23 days ago

I couldn't find an address on their website which is why I thought it maybe dodgy. Do police not have the power to shut down dodgy websites? I don't get it - it's just pure robbery.

Dread23 days ago

Our police won't. The website is based in the US and owned by somebody in China. It has only been active for 38 days. Stay well clear.

Rockman23 days ago

I just read a review of PDM Games on Trustpilot and it's exactly like my experience with World Trade Express / PS3Xbox360Wii!

PDM Games - Trustpilot @ https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.pdmgames.co.uk

Here's the review:

I've ordered a product under the label of "Official" and what I've got is a replica and all that they have done since is argue about it when I asked for a total refund.

You would receive your item from a seller in China and, if you want to return the product, you will have to pay for the shipment or keep it. Even after asking several times (right from the beginning) for a prepaid label to send the item back, they keep ignoring that request.

Really angry.

By: Miguel García

Avoid it, everyone.

Rockman23 days ago


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Johnny20 days ago

I’ve never heard of PDM Games so I just had a quick look at their website.

Usually there’s some telltale signs when things aren’t quite right, e.g:

1) There’s no Registered Office Address or Street Address listed on the site.

Guess what? There isn’t one.

2) There’s dodgy spelling and grammar.

Here’s an example from the PDM Games About Us Page: PDMgames.co.uk is a online game shop in West Wickham, Offer New and used game contorllers….

3) Text has been ‘borrowed’ from another site and looks odd.

Here’s an example from PDM Games Privacy Policy Page: Thank you for visiting the controllersale.com Website.

4) The website makes claims that are hard to substantiate.

Here’s an example from PDM Games About Us Page: Trusted eBayer Powerseller with over 21,000 positive feedback and years of experience on eBay.

When I checked, I couldn’t find PDM Games listed on eBay

5) Then check online at Companies House whether the firm is registered as a limited company.

PDM Games isn’t.

I don’t know if PDM Games is dodgy or not, but I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole!

Rockman20 days ago

The Trustpilot reviewer left a comment which was exactly like my experience so this website definitely needs to be flagged as a scammy one that pretends to sell "official" controllers and then ships clones.

SueKnowles15 days ago

I ordered 2 games controller 3 weeks later it hadn't come cancelled went to bank got refund then they arrived this a semi in rural street they have no stock it's all shipped from China they now want me to pay via Paypal told them will pay by check they don't like that idea

Tom15 days ago

PDM Games sounds dodgy to me. When buying games and things for consoles I'd stick to well known retailers. Thank you for sharing your review and experience.

Rockman15 days ago

They're worst than the Nigerian princes. lol

SueKnowles14 days ago

i did manage to find an address for them which when i google earthed it ,it is a semi in a quiet street but the address is 16 hawthorn drive ,Coney Hall,w wickham ,BR49EZ got a charge back from bank now they have arrived so said i would send them cheque ,didnt want that at all

Tom14 days ago

Perhaps you could just leave it as is then - doesn't seem worth the trouble. I wish PDM Games were as good as they sound because the PS4 controllers listed are too good to be true!

Sharyn10 days ago

I ordered 2 PS3 controllers from PDM (£52.61) I realised I had made a mistake straight away as they are not UK based. I cancelled within minutes but the money had been taken out my account. This was the 18th of December.....I have sent email after email....the last email was not nice. Eventually a woman called 'Jean' replied asking me not to take the items when delivered, which I didn't. she sent a email saying 'refunded in my account' I wish..... nothing......it's now the 13th of Jan....got no chance getting it back!!!

Tom10 days ago

I'd contact your bank, explain the situation as potential fraud, and see if they will give you your money back.

Sharyn5 days ago

Tom I did thank you and they are now looking into it...:slight_smile:

goodygob6 days ago

Same here i ordered a ps4 dualshock controller and it was fake. Works fine but its just the idea that you are being scammed. Bastards!

andystoker5 days ago

I received a Wii controller from this supplier this week. I was concerned, but it seems to be a genuine Wii item and works fine so far. It took over 2 weeks to arrive, but I was given a tracking code for it.