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Has anyone used pollpass does it actually payout it. Is it worth it?

I've come across a few survey sites but not sure if they are worth the effort. I've come across populuslive and GFK and life points would you guys recommend them. And what other surveys sites do you use.

I have used you gov but it takes soo long. I like panelbase and prolific as they are high paying quick cashouts.

Which ones would you recommend?.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn2 months ago

I was with you gov and gave up as they offered me little to no surveys and kept bumping me out. Would have taken a couple of years to reach cash out. I've been with pollpass for over a year and yes, they always pay out in a matter of week or so of claiming. you can have amazon vouchers or paypal. Just don't expect many questions. You are doing well if you manage to cash out £3 a month. That's the minimium amount to cash out. Populous you need £50 before they send a cheque to your house. Yes, they do pay (I've had 2 £50 cheques) but that's in a period of over 2 years! I'm thinking of quiting once I hit my next 50 as I don't get many surveys and about 95% of those they say I'm not eligible and bump me out.

Original Poster
2 months ago

Oh OK thank you I'll probably give pollpass ago. It took me nearly a year to cash out with you gov. Have stopped doing them recently

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