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My poor Charlie is in the doghouse


So my dad brought a huge black forest gateaux (last one in the shop as well) and it was in the fridge defrosting. He went to check on it but at same time my mum called him back out of kitchen. So yes dopey git left the fridge door open!! Well Charlie saw this as his chance and decided he was gonna help test it by eating almost half of it. When he heard my dad returning he ran off. Next we hear dad shouting that Charlie ate the cake...... Well we couldn't deny it..... He still had fresh cream round his chops and on his nose. Apparently this isn't funny coz dad wasn't impressed when I started laughing. So now poor Charlie is 1- on a bit of a diet for a while and 2- my dad has threatened if he ever does it again the next freebie on this site will be my beloved Charlie :scream: :sob: meanwhile Charlie is strutting around as if to say "I had the cake and I still live to tell the tale"

And yes I'm still in trouble for laughing. Doesn't anyone else find this funny? Does anyone else have any funny stories to brighten our days and fill us with laughter while we freebie hunt and avoid the miserable weather?? Would love to hear other peoples funny stories :relaxed:

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
1 year ago

Hahaha, dogs will be dogs and it would be amusing to see Charlie on the freebie section. That'd be a first! However, I recognise dogs eating chocolate can be bad for their health. Thanks for sharing the story.

Bestoffer1 year ago

Nice One I Love Dogs And All The Things They Get Up To :laughing:

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