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Potential Change to the Points System - We'd like Your Feedback!

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Hi guys,

We're thinking about making a small tweak to the points system but would like your feedback before we do anything 🙂

What we might change:

  • Remove points for liking posts (potentially 25 less points per day)
  • Increase the points for commenting by raising the number of comments you get points for per day from 5 to 7 (an extra 40 points per day)
Why we're thinking of making this change:
  • We 100% want to reward the community for all their hard work. That's why we'd overall increase the number of points you can earn every day.
  • We're wondering if by not incentivising people to like deals we'll get a more genuine view of whether a deal is good or bad. Hopefully making it easier for everyone to spot a bobby dazzler from a damp squib.
We'd love to hear everyone's feedback! If people love it - we'll try and get it live ASAP. If you all think it's the worst idea ever then we'll stick it in the bin 😁
3 months ago
What do you think of this?
garygemmell3 months ago

Exactly Alice you hit the nail on the head!

Pjran3 months ago

I’m happy with the system at the moment and have no objection to supermarket offers. We all need to shop and finding a bargain is good for the soul.

Golfforall3 months ago

I love this site , but surely the aim should not be to just acquire points for Amazon vouchers ? Only been a member for a few months but it is painfully obvious that members are liking anything ,posting non deals and even expiring legit deals just for their daily points .

Of course I 100% support removal of points for just clicking to "like" a deal - but maybe go further ? Reward members whose deals attract likes and comments ? (if points are no longer given for "likes " then any "like" given would be a genuine reflection that the deal is a good one )

I personally post many deals that I know are "great deals " (mainly high end golf deals ) so obviously not everyone will consider them as I do .

I also post deals (at the moment mid range laptops ) which after looking at many , I "consider" good deals and post to get members opinions both positive and negative - still waiting for any comments on any of my laptop deals though quite a few likes (which mean nothing really ).

We all know what a good price for a tin of beans or a bag of frozen chips is and posting great deals for such should always be rewarded with a like (as I always do ). To be fair not much to comment on - but it wouldn't hurt members to comment "well spotted ,next cheapest I have seen is x pence " Alternatively "Sorry but you can get these at XYZ for x pence less "

With Laptops or Televisions the same could apply . I yearn for comments (good or bad ) when I post one . For instance "same model available for £20 less at *** " or "not a bad machine but for £20 more you could get *** at *** retailer .

Do you notice a theme here ? Correct ! we are not really on this site to gain Amazon vouchers ( that's a welcome bonus ), we are here to share excellent deals we have found with our fellow members .

Whether it be beans ,chips ,laptops or televisions etc etc you are looking for I guarantee you will save more by interacting with the membership , commenting fully on deals , adding your expertise and opinions than by just mindlessly clicking your way to an Amazon voucher .

garygemmell3 months ago

We are on this site to get deals for the cheapest price possible - end of!

Sadly having removed certain chinese websites and restricting the deals you are allowed to post etc some of the interesting stuff/gadgets has been removed!

angemski3 months ago

Golfforall I agree with one of your observations about legit deals being expired early. There is presently a set of deals that was shared and expired only to be re-shared some 10 days later which seems morally wrong.

Golfforall3 months ago

Yes I had better keep stum about those . I was commenting about those on another post and the Mentors took umbrage as they incorrectly leapt to the assumption that I was referring to them ? - Think we are all friends again now after I explained ?

Golfforall3 months ago

Members its down to you ! What do you want ? A site full of dross deals with random "likes" sprinkled around with no relevance to the merits of the deal . Or a site that has useful, constructive, even critical comments on the deals shared ?

I know what I would like , but it depends upon members contributing their opinions /expertise .

garygemmell3 months ago

Does not work like that it will just end up like HUKD with loads of off topic arguments and requiring mods to then check threads when they get nasty and argumentative - its a balancing act but HUKD is terrible it has one MOD called ANDYWEDGE who will ban you if you say anything he deems not politically correct and lets all his friends post what they want, you will have members who post nonsense and troll constantly creating new logins to back themselves up and create false replies = believe me its a nightmare to administer - its sadly what led to the demise of my much loved sci-fi channel forum and the afterdark horror scifi forum and many others!

The old adage KISS is what is needed - keep it simple and if it works why change it!

This site gets a good rep because there are little arguments , few knowitalls and trolls

As soon as you change it it will get like HUKD which aint a good thing!

Johnny3 months ago

On Latest Deals I think the data created by the number of ‘likes’ a deal gets is used to help the deal rise to the top of the Popular Deals list (or Web Page), or conversely to drop into the DDDA (Dead Duck Deal Abyss).

If LD decides not to reward and incentivise ‘likes’, then I think there will be fewer likes awarded overall by the users, and therefore a new improved method of sorting/ranking deals by popularity needs to be found.

To determine which are the good/popular deals, and which are the less good/unpopular ones, I would suggest that new Sort method (or algorithm) should use a combination of:

a) the number of click-throughs to the underlying deal (i.e. views)

b) the number of click-throughs to the deal at the actual retailer (e.g. Amazon, Boots, Next) and

c) the number of ‘likes’ the deal receives

What % weighting should be given to each of a) b) and c) would need testing and tweaking. Eg. 30/50/20

The Sort method should work like a sieve – so that the best deals stay on the top, are more visible, and have longer shelf life. If the new Sort method could track and use actual purchase data too, that would probably be even better, and give the most accurate picture of deal quality.

I agree that by not financially incentivising users to like deals, LD is much more likely to get a more genuine view of whether a deal is good or bad.

Perhaps it would help if, when commenting, users are asked the question – Do you like this deal? YES/NO/DON'T KNOW (If yes then the deal automatically receives a like). I notice people often comment positively on deals but fail/forget to give the deal a like.

So there would be three potential places users can give a deal a ‘like’:

1) On the first mini-deal page (i.e. without needing to click to view the deal)

2) On the underlying Deal Page, where there’s more information about the deal

3) In the Comments Section as soon as a user clicks ‘Write a Comment’ they must first answer a pop–up ‘Do you like this deal? YES/NO/DON'T KNOW’ before being able to add their comment.

Obviously a user should only be able to give a total of one ‘like’ per deal.

Johnny 😊

jigsawx3x3 months ago

I've always done the likes but have a good look through don't just pick the first 5 and if I'm interested will pick them do like a good chat and some times 3 a day ain't enough so that's a good to put it up too

lornaae3 months ago

Good idea, or alternatively give members the option to rate whether a deal is useful rather than just ‘like‘ it

dholly393 months ago

instead of removing points for liking a post why not just leave rearding people for the likes? i sometimes see a good deal while scrolling and have no time to comment so i give it a thumbs up

tumblespots3 months ago

Quite happy with the proposed changes 👍 🐞

eyeballkerry3 months ago

I vote for the change 👍

OneeyedRaven3 months ago

the likes do not influence my decision to purchase and I only ever like something I thik is a good deal so why not try the new system. Are points for vouchers being affected as I see a lot of vouchers are now being posted by LDs themselves?

SarahHorsfield2 months ago

If you want this to be a fair discussion/vote it should be posted on the main site

Not on the chat forum

Not alo users come on here

I very rarely do

What's a deal to one person

Won't be for the next

KirstyWhit296732 months ago

I like it. I like commenting and it looks like for us the reward would be greater so I’m in 😊

Rach25032 months ago

I absolutely agree with it.

Like others have said, actual feedback is far better than a simple like. Yes its more effort but you then get a more realistic view on people's thoughts.

Original Poster
2 months ago

Morning all 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback! It's all incredibly useful and we'll go away, read it all, and update you on the next steps (whether that's keeping things as they are, trying a new system or something else - we'll let you know 👍)

Discussion has somewhat veered off the original topic so going to lock this now. Thanks again!

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